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SDHC Memory Card

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60d movie recording stopped automatically

The T3i movie recording stopped automatically the first time I tried to use it.  Did you have the same problem with your Canon 60d – 60d movie recording stopped automatically?

You’re so excited to try out the movie option on your new camera, but it records for about 4 seconds and stops. You read through your manual trying to figure out what setting is turned off or on. Then you turn to Google luckily it’s a simple solution and you don’t have to return the camera!

You need a new SDHC Card. I bought the PNY 16GB Flash Memory Card SDHC Class 10. The problem was my old SD card was a class 4 just not enough umph to handle the HD movie. I see a lot of people  have the 32GB card class 10 SDHC card! I  wouldn’t buy less than the 16GB since the HD video files are pretty huge!

I do believe it has to be a Class 6 or better to run HD videos. Let me know if I am wrong on that!