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Soft box – testing light

Testing lights for the soft box!

When looking at this image it sure looks like there is enough light in the box, but really there isn’t. There were too many shadows going on inside the box. If you missed my first step how I made my first DIY soft box you can check that out – DIY soft box.

The light fixture I went in search of were not these, but I couldn’t find what I was looking for in town. After going to Ace, Lowes and Home Depot I found these light fixtures. They were the right price at $7.97 each and can be used with up to 150W. I bought a variety of flouresent bulbs the maximun being 120W flouresent, and tungsten bulbs the maximum being 100w.

The light fixture does have a clamp on bottom which is nice. If I end up purchasing different lights for this project  I figure these will come in handy for some other project down the road.

This picture is unedited. Taken using 100w tungsten light bulbs. One on each side of the box and one on top. WB set at Tungsten. Will keep trying…