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Wild Montana by Bonnie Donovan

A very special thanks to my amazing mother-in-law, Bonnie Donovan! We are always presented with crossroads in our life. Some crossroads we might not even realize happen as we move from place to place. But this particular crossroad in my life I remember with great detail. It was the first time Bonnie placed her Canon XT in my hand, my path was forever changed!

Recently she entered a few of her photos on Wild Montana which is currently having a photo contest, titled – “How do you picture wild Montana”. These are the five photos she entered! I asked her to write a little something about them!

We were both calm

Subject:  Moose calmly eating
Title:  We Were Both Calm
Bonnie Donovan   Great Falls

Great day & the moose on the side of the road topped it off. He was feeding right next to the railing so I stopped & he let me photograph while he ate away. Lightened just a little in photoshop. I was & still am excited about this photo. I love it.

Looking Below at Fish Pond

Subject:   Osprey
Title:   Osprey Looking for Breakfast
Bonnie Donovan  Great Falls

It was a cold morning at Giant Springs & no one was around except me & this Opsrey. Felt pretty special. Glad he stayed around because he did know I was there. I was photographing & he was diving for his fish breakfast. Canon 75-300mm zoom lens, zoomed in one more time on Photoshop

Just Passing Through

Subject:  Mallard Duck
Title:   Just Passing By
Bonnie Donovan  Great Falls

Was very windy this day of photographing. Soon found out the wind was to my advantage by slowing down the landing & take off of the ducks. Was able to get sharper pictures when flying into the wind. Easier to focus & catch each step of the take off or landing. Got home that day & actually bragged about the wind.

Beautiful Sight Lucky Enough to See

Subject:   Patrol Mountain–Augusta, Montana
Title:  Autumn in Montana At It’s Best
Bonnie Donovan    Great Falls

You could not have missed this sight hiking along the trail at Patrol Mountain. So gorgeous it hit you in the face. The first feeling I had was that I was sure glad I didn’t miss this autumn sight. How lucky am I, I thought. No special effect, just reality.

Mount Wright Always a Splendor

Subject: Mount Wright–Rocky Mountain Front
Title:  Splendor That Gets Into You
Bonnie Donovan  Great Falls

A middle of the day haze in the photo but the splendor makes you forget about that. I will be hiking here again & maybe with a touch of snow on the peaks so to have same peaks but different effects. You have to take what nature gives you at the moment. This photo makes a person feel small in it’s grandeur. I do like natural photos that can leave an impact on ones senses.

Thank you so much for sharing!