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A reason to take black and white!

I guess you don’t need a reason to take black and white! But I felt like a had a purpose with my camera in hand while taking pictures at the grocery store.  Stopping to admire the fruit and the brightly colored vegetables.  I followed my kids around all day taking pictures of them and anything else that seemed interesting. From the book store to grocery store to all the other exciting errands which I am sure they were thrilled to do on a Saturday afternoon!

We spent a long time at the book store… All three in our own section and then regrouping to see what we picked out. I of course was in the photography section. Cade ventured into space researching planets and Kat searched for fairies.

I took a ton of pictures over the weekend and asked them many  many times which picture  was  better the color or black and white. I thanked them for their patience with a huge cinnamon roll that which disappeared in about 2 seconds!

All my pictures were taken using a Canon 60D and the Canon 50mm f/1.8

Black and White for Beginners

Complete Guide To Black and White PhotographyBlack And White Photography Class Day #1

Goal of class – learning to see the world in black and white and translate that vision to your pictures. Learn to look for interesting light to affect the feeling or mood of your pictures. Finding textures that create appealing black and white photography. That is the goal of the B&W Photography class I attended last night!

This book John Hedgecoe’s Complete Guide To Black and White Photography is what our teacher recommended we purchase, great resource she said. Do you agree?

I am not sure how to repeat what I learned last night… For a good portion of the class we looked at slides in color and guessed if they would make a good black and white photo.  Once we all had our opinion she would go to the next slide which would be that same picture in black and white. Here is what I did learn:

  • Red, Blue and Green are all about the same shade of Gray
  • White doesn’t change when you go to black and white
  • If you have a family photo and the lady on the left is wearing red your eye goes to her first, but when it turned black and white your attention was brought to the lady in white on the right. So black and white changes where your eye focuses
  • If your picture has just one color it will look basically the same in black and white
  • faded colors easily translate to black and white

Picture taken with Canon 60D using Canon 50mm f/1.8 in front of living room window this morning. Snow background made for a white background. If you can’t guess what it is it’s a lizard holding two candles

Did I love the class? Yes… sitting  in a room with 12 eager students all  listening without interrupting the teacher. Hanging on to every word because you don’t want to miss anything. Absolutely!

First assignment:
Take 4 pictures 2 in color and 2 in black and white. No editing! Select one pair (color and b&w) that you like your picture in color. Second pair (color and b&w) choose one you like in black and white.

Plus through the course of this class try to only take B&W photos!


Black and White with a touch of Sepia

Taking a colored picture and turning it black and white with a touch of sepia. This tutorial is for Photo shop CS!

Layer — New adjustment layer — channel mixer

When you first open the channel mixer there will be a pop up window that says new layer, go ahead and  hit o.k. On the next window you will want to check the box for monochrome, and then move the sliders around until you are happy with the results. You can always go back and re-tweak your choices when  you are done.

Change the opacity to around 50% according to what you like.

Layer — New adjustment layer — Hue/Saturation

When you first open Hue/Saturation there will be a pop up window that says new layer, go ahead and  hit o.k. Next go ahead and check the box to colorize Once again play with the settings until you are happy with the results.

Change the opacity to around 50% according to what you like.

Layer — Duplicate Layer

Set the blending mode to Soft Light (for tone and contrast)

Opacity and fill to 50% or adjust to your preference

Next you will want to….

Layer — New adjustment layer — curves

When you first open the curves there will be a pop up window that says new layer, go ahead and  hit o.k. Now curves I can mess with all day, hard to get exactly the right amount. Have fun playing with them!

You can mess with the colors to either give you picture a lot of color or just a touch of color. The options are limitless, have fun with it!