Choosing a lens that is right for you!

Wide Angle – Brings a unique perspective to your photography! If you want a sweeping panoramic view a wide angle can help you get your entire scene in the picture. It can also distort objects and emphasis the difference in size or distance between objects in the foreground and background.

Fish Eye lens – Ultra Wide Angle – There are three different types of fisheye lenses the circular fisheye lens, the full-frame fisheye lens and the miniature fisheye lens.

What is the difference between a wide angle lens and a fisheye lens? A fisheye and a wide angle are in the same category, but a fisheye is a an ultra wide angle lens. A fish eye lens can stretch up to 180 degree taking in the entire scene.  Sometimes if makes you feel like your looking through a peep hole on a door.  A standard wide angle lens is considered 28mm.  You can get pretty creative with both lenses.  Here is a good way to look at it a wide angle is great for tight spaces like the kitchen table where you want to get the entire family in the picture. A fisheye lens will get the entire crowd in the picture!

Macro lens – Or bring it back to the smaller side of life and try a macro. Bringing the itty bitty size into a full-sized view! If you’re looking to photograph insects or the petals of your favorite flower this might be the lens for you.

Normal Lens – If you’re looking for a standard & medium s want a lens that is closest to what your eye sees 50mm – 100mm might be where you should look.  A longer lens or shorter lens can expand or contract your field of view. The

Telephoto Lens – If you can’t get close enough to your subject a telephoto might be the one you’re looking. Capturing detail from far away.   If you’re having a hard time between a normal lens and a telephoto lens you can blend the take a look at something like the 55mm-350mm

Super Telephoto Lens – Not close enough try for a super telephoto lens! These lenses can go all the way from 400mm – 800mm, but don’t stop there you can by an extender that can increase your zoom by even more!