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Photography 101 – Tips on Shooting Macro Photography

Photography 101 – Tips on Shooting Macro Photography

I four sites that I think all have great tips on shooting Macro Photography! DPReview is a great photography site to begin with, but this article by Erez Marom does an excellent job giving us some guidelines on what we want in a macro background shot.


Look to Andorama for the 10 quick macro shooting tips! “The secret to successful macro photography is eliminating the variables.”


DIY Photography is one of my favorite go to sites for learning about photography! This is an excellent comprehensive guide to macro photography! Goes into great detail about ratios, equipment, different types of lighting!


PhotoTuts has the 5 fast facts for shooting macro! want the quick list of what you might need to shoot photography then check this one out!


If you have a favorite tutorial for macro photography that you think should be added to the list let me know!

Photography 101 – How to Photograph Waterfalls

Ready for a few tips on how to photograph waterfalls… If you have a tutorial you have read or perhaps you wrote that you would like me to add to the list for Photography 101 – how to photograph waterfalls just let me know. It’s good to have some tips on shooting waterfalls before you go out and shoot a waterfall!

As always digital-photography-school has a good tutorial on shooting waterfalls


NewEnglandWaterfalls.com has some great tips too. They go into shutter speed and tripods and settings, but also what their favorite lenses are.


Be sure to check out RedBubble.com but go beyond this article. Peter Hill knows what he is talking about and does a great job explaining it to his reader


Photo.tutsplus.com always does a great job with their tutorials with pictures and quick tips


Do you have a favorite site you would like to me add to the list?


Blending Modes in Photoshop


Found this great tutorial on Blending Modes in Photoshop with Richard Harrington

I have much to learn on the editing side of photography, well on all sides of photography for that matter. But this is another step forward in the journey. Blending modes can accomplish quite a bit of amazing edits!

Blending modes change the way layers react to one another in Photoshop. You can lighten, darken, tint intensify combine images and so much more. This is a great tutorial to get you started on the path of blending modes.

Understanding the Basic Panel in Lightroom4

Let’s start today with the basics Lightroom4 tutorials working in the basic panel.

There is always something to learn… Understanding the tools we use is an important part of photography. The basic panel in Light room 4 is the very first step when editing your photo. Making sure you have the correct white balance, exposure, temperature. It’s amazing what a drastic change an image can have by simply adding some contrast or warmth to your photo.


Key D -> will take you take you to the development module
Control 1 -> Will jump to Basic Panel, it will open and close
Right click on the basic tab -> Choose solo and only 1 panel will stay open at a timeKey V -> will switch you back and forth between black and white

Excellent, excellent tutorial by SLRlounge going through the basic panel. Even if you think you know everything about this panel you will learn a tip and a shortcut.

Photography 101 – Tips on Photographing Sunbursts

Photography 101 – Tips on Photographing Sunbursts

This week on Learn by Doing Photography we were practicing Photographing Sunbursts!  Today I went looking for some tips and I found three great posts with some excellent tips on the subject!

Photography Recipes – How to photograph Sunbursts has some excellent tips, one of the best straight forward tutorials I have found. Be sure to take a look around the site while there, there are some other gem tutorials on the site.


Photopoly.net has a great tutorial as well, but don’t stop there keep checking out the site for more photography tips! I can spend hours moving from site to site finding new information! There is always something new to learn in the photography world!


Don’t go yet, I have one more site for you to check out today,  Seeing the Light on www.pabloconradphotography.com also has a great tutorial!


If you have a site I should add with a tutorial to help us photograph those sunbursts let me know, I would love to add it to the list!

Free Lightroom Presets

Free Lightroom Presets:

I have just discovered how much fun you can have with presets! Looking around there are quite a few free ones to try! I created a list of ones I found. If you have one you think I should add to the list let me know! Let’s see how long we can get this list!


Be sure to stop by PreSetsHeaven.com – right now, they’re in the middle of creating a new preset a day for 365 days… Awesome! You can see what new exiting presets will unfold as the days move forward! You also might want to checkout – Albertdebruijn.com, a list of presets there including aged photo, aged sepia, HDR-Like, B&W Infra, IR-Like and more all on one page!

A big thank-you to all the folks who create presets for Lightroom for us to enjoy! Thank-you!

NicolesyBlog – Aged B&W
NicolesyBlog – Sun Flare
NicolesyBlog – B&W Silver Lining
FlixelPix – Ethereal Preset
FlixelPix – Grit – Black and White Portrait
FlixelPix – Summer
FlixelPix – Autumn
FlixelPix – Sweets
FlixelPix – Mono
LightroomKillerTips – Black and White Tonal Contrast Effect
LightroomKillerTips – Sunflare Glow
LightroomKillerTips – Tonal Contrast
LightroomKillerTips – Black and White HDR for Landscapes
LightroomKillerTips – Wedding Day
LightroomKillerTips – Vignettes and Edge Darkening
LightroomKillerTips – Sharpening Landscape and Outdoor Photos
LightroomKillerTips – Auto-Enhance Preset
LightroomKillerTips – Autumn Color Preset
LightroomKillerTips – Wedding Fairytale
LightroomKillerTips – Focal Point with Blurry Backgrounds
LightroomKillerTips – Desaturated Sports
LightroomKillerTips – Focal Point Background Effects
LightroomKillerTips – Black and White for Portraits
LightroomKillerTips – Sunflare Preset
LightroomKillerTips – Spring Color, Flare and Haze

I will keep working on this list, so check back!

Photography 101- Find the right lens for your camera

Photography 101 – This is kinda cool… Have you ever wondered if a particular lens might be right for your camera? This nifty tool will do it for you. Simply enter what camera you own and it will show all the compatible lenses including Canon, Nikon, Sigma, Tamron etc.

It’s a good idea to pay attention if a particular lens might be right for you. Also consider if you will be upgrading to a full frame in the near future keep in mind that a crop sensor camera and full frame cameras sometimes use different lenses.

Find the Right Lens for your camera

Removing red light from concert photos in Lightroom

Removing red light from concert photos in Lightroom

Have you ever taken pictures at a concert… Two issues I always have difficulty with. 1) lack of light 2) Too much red light. Of course the light we get is the light we get, but what we can do is a bit of editing!


This morning I came across this YouTube tutorial by Kohl Murdock, excellent tutorial on how to deal  with these red lights during editing. Be sure to check out some of her other pages:

FaceBook – Kohl Murdock Photography
Website – KohlMurdock.com

This tutorial will definitely help with the red lights!

Photography 101 – How to Photograph Silhouettes

How to Photograph Silhouettes


Silhouette is such a tricky word for me to spell, as I type it I always have to do a double take to make sure I got it right… So now that I can spell it how to photograph one.  One of the reasons I love silhouettes is because it’s your choice as the photographer. You can bring light on your subject or you can take it away.

This picture, I took in a very bright room of the singer to the Best Westerns. They played an early show tonight so the whole family was able to make it. Since it was early there was lots of light within the room.

So I waited patiently for one silhouette to find it’s way in front of the window instead of multiple blending bodies. Then in one moment the others in the band either swayed, moved or reached for something leaving me with this lonely cowboy in front of the window. I already had done some test shots so I knew I would end up with a silhouette.

I exposed for the light in the window – 1/6400 sec at f/3.2

I found some great tutorials this week on how to expose for a Silhouette!

How to Photograph a Silhouette – Photography 101

This is a new website I came across The Pioneer Woman – How I shoot Silhouettes not only tells you how to shoot s silhouette, but also some editing tips you will want to note.  Very great tutorial… The tip I took home was try changing your blend mode from “normal” to “soft light” in Photoshop – made a dramatic difference!

The Pioneer Woman

Next up we have a tutorial form The Daily Digi, she did a great job explaining how to use your backlight as well as looking for those strong lines and clean background!


And of course you can always count of Digital Photography School to bring you a stellar tutorial on how to photograph a Silhouette!


Enjoying working on your Silhouettes!



How to Photograph Textures

How to Photograph Textures!

Last week on Learn by Doing Photography we were out photographing textures. This week I found some pretty great tutorials! This one really captured my attention by Ron Bigelow – Texture Photography — Part I of course you can check out Texture Photography — Part II as well! My favorite line is why shoot textured photography?

“As photographers, we need to create images that have impact, and the proper utilization of texture can add impact to images. When used properly, texture can be just as powerful as bold color, leading lines, or dramatic scenery.”

There ya go… perfect reason to understand how to capture the textures that surround us!

Ron Bigelow

Here is another good article written by Rachael Towne for Lightstalking.com – You can also visit Rachael Towne at her website, Photoluminary.com. This particular article is titled How to Photograph Textures! Great tips about what to look for, how to create your own texture, lighting all the good stuff.

Rachael Towne

One website that never lets me down is PhotographyLife.com.  They always have great tips on photography including this article – How to Photograph Textures by Nasim Mansurov! Be sure to check out some of Nasim Mansurov’s photographs on 500px.com, amazing!

Nasim Mansurov