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Tips on Photographing Water Drops!

This week on Learn by Doing Photography we’re working on capturing water drops! I came across some tutorials I wanted to share with you. I found them helpful and I hope you will too!

This first one – Storbist – Learn how to Light! Is an excellent site! I have visited this site many times in an attempt to learn how to use my flash. This article is photographing water drops using one speedlight. Great tips!


This next post is from Digital Camera World – Giving us 5 ideas with a very simple set-up to get you started. There are some good ideas in this post, if you don’t have a flash you could always put just a light behind the frosted glass. There is always a way…

Water Droplet Ideas

And this last one is a video tutorial, because sometimes it’s easier to watch how to do something then read about it. He has a pretty great set-up, but I think if you could be creative if you didn’t have that particular lens or a flash. It’s all about experimenting and trying new things!

The many Lives of William Klein

The many Lives of William Klein (2012)


Born in 1928, William Klein created  magic in both photojournalism and the fashion photography. He made over twenty films, including the first documentary about Muhammad Ali as well as a film about the fashion world, Who Are you Polly Magoo?

I love watching documentaries like this one, I find them very inspiring! One interesting thing he said that captured me was. William Klein bought a film camera from Henri Cartier-Bresson proving once again it’s not the camera it’s the photographer. It’s all about the person taking the images. I wonder if he still owns that camera?

It’s about an hour long so grab a cup of coffee, sit back and enjoy.


Photography 101- Creative Live

This is one of my favorite sites – Creative Live! You can watch some amazing photography videos for FREE! Check out the calendar and see everything they have going on each month. If you like what you see and can’t live without it you can purchase the entire course. I for one am addicted to it, it’s always playing in the background when I am working on the computer. If something catches my attention I will stop what I am doing and give it my full attention.

I have watched plenty for FREE, but I have also purchased a video from them as well. It was quick and easy, once logged in you will see My Courses. The courses are great they cover so many different topics – Using a DSLR camera for the first time, how to get into portrait photography or commercial photography, your first studio, Photoshop etc.


Interview with Lester Hayes talking about abstract photography

I love watching interviews like this one! This one is an interview with Lester Hayes talking about abstract photography. How he approached his photography. One line I love he says “Everything is beautiful if you take the photograph from a proper angle under the proper lightening conditions”

Lester Hayes

Tips on using Color in your Photography

Understanding Colors in Photography

This is a pretty great tutorial on using color in your photography by DigitalCameraWorld, but it goes the distance and also talks about 1)Using opposite colors on the color wheel 2)Allow for a dominant color and 3)Composing photos boldly


How to Get great colors has some amazing tips… This quote got me, tells me that as a photographer needs to be patient. When looking for color Ken Rockwell says “The peak color, which are the shots I show, only exists for 60 seconds at most, if it happens at all, any given day.”

This site always has good tips, and great articles that are full of great photography tips!


There is a great set of pictures on this next article by Shutter Mike,  talks about color vs. light. He took a picture of lemons on a yellow plate under Tungsten light and one in mid-afternoon light, what a difference. So it doesn’t just matter what color you see it’s also what the camera can see.


Photography 101 – How to Photograph the Night

Photography 101 – How to Photograph the Night!

You need to know a few things before you head out at night to photograph your city. One that I learned was dusk is the best time. Seems like I am always waiting until the sun has completely set before trying the city landscape shots, but it turns out dusk is best.

This first website blog.virgin-atlantic.com had some great tips about photographing the night. One of those tips was talking about dusk, great tip! There were more good tips in there regarding light trails and exposure too.


Here is another one from ephotozine.com This article covers a lot of information – gear, setup, wet weather, exposure, time of day and more. Robin Whalley doesn’t miss a thing when explaining what you need to do to capture the picture you want!


Sometimes it’s really nice to just listen to a tutorial while you’re working.  Amy R has some great tips on how to do night photography

How to Photograph Fireworks

How to Photograph Fireworks!

4th of July is tomorrow, are you ready? You might want to read some of these tutorials before the big day, not after. Make sure your camera bag is packed and your SD card is empty because you will end up taking a lot of pictures. That is one of the beautiful things about digital you can just keep going and going, keep taking pictures til you get it right!

My biggest tip would be…. make sure you set your camera up before you’re sitting in the dark, set your camera to manual, turn off your flash and most importantly focus your camera to infinity so you don’t have to try to figure out which way to turn your lens to focus on a dark sky.

First up is from Digital-Photography-School. 10 great tips that will get you started on your way to some amazing fireworks shots!

Light Stalking always has some good tips, and this post is no different by Jay. Take moment to see his thoughts on to photograph the event!

Light Stalking

This is actually a very informative video. Goes into great detail about equipment and settings for your camera. Plus he talks about the grand finale when you have lots of fireworks going on at once. This can cause some over exposure so he says to start stopping down to avoid this, good tip!

If you have a tip I should add just let me know!

Photography 101 – How to Photograph Trees

How to Photograph Trees

I find trees extremely challenging to photograph, but take some time and try photographing them. Once you start learning how and what to look for you will forever being looking for that perfect tree to capture or forest to capture. You will be watching where the sun is in relation to the trees, on a foggy morning you might think about returning to a place where a lone tree sits in the distance. You eyes will always be searching for that interesting tree that just needs to be photographed!

The best tip I read about was keep moving around, keep trying different angles until you get have that ahh moment!

If  you have a site you would like me to add that offers a great tutorial, please let me know!

Tips on how to photograph trees:

Digital Photography Secrets has some excellent all around tips. Se sure to check out their tips on Photographing Trees and Forests!


You can always count on PhotoPlus for some good photography tips! I like how easy to read this tutorial is, just a quick glance and you’re ready to head out and photograph that lone tree!


Picture Correct has some good tips as well on photographing trees. But I do like the last line that says “Turn off your computer, get outside, and take some pictures.” That might be the best piece of advice today!


If you have a site you have a tutorial you would like to share with us, let me know. I would love to add it to the list!

What is Lightroom 5 about? Is it something you must have?

Lightroom 5 is out! What does that mean, do we need to upgrade?

Just when you think you have the latest software, they upgrade! It’s been out in beta for awhile, but as of June 10th, 2013 you can purchase Lightroom 5 on Amazon.

To see what the difference is check out this list by the Lightroom Queen – What’s New in Lightroom 5. Plus if you don’t have time to sit down and read the entire article, the highlights are in red. This way you can quickly scan the entire article for the important information.


Video review on Lightroom 5

If you prefer a more visual review then check out Learning Cameras, they have a great review on some of the new features you will find when upgrading your Lightroom. Of course if you watch this review you might decide you just have to have it!

One of the things I got excited about… In addition to the regular spot removal tool you can now paint on an image area for cloning and healing adjustments. This way you can work on moving larger images out of your picture!

Currently, I have Lightroom 4 as well as Adobe Photoshop CS4. Of course I listen and would love to upgrade, but I just bought Lightroom 4 last year and feel like I still have a ton to learn on that software. For me I think I will wait just a bit before I upgrade. Perhaps when Lightroom 6 comes out, it will be just to good to pass up. I am sure that date is not to far in the future!

What do you think? Anyone purchase the new and improved Lightroom 5 and think it’s something you just have to have… If so please chime in and let me know if it’s something one must have. A software that one just couldn’t shouldn’t live without!

Photography 101 – Panning Photography Tutorial

Photography 101 – Panning Photography Tutorial

Panning is something you can’t just set your camera to automatic, click the shutter button and get it right. It’s a technique you have to read about and then practice! Here are a few tutorials that I found the be extremely helpful with panning tips!

Let’s start with AlexSukonkin.com, excellent job on panning tutorial and tips! A very in depth tutorial that goes into recommendations for lens for APS-C format cameras as well as full frame, composition and just great over all tips!


We can always count on Digital-Photography-School for a good tutorial, and this article titled ” Mastering Panning – Photographing Moving Subjects” is great!


ImProvePhotography.com has 6 tips to improve your panning photography in an easy to read, quick 1-6 list! If you don’t have much time and want sine quick tips, take a look they’re quick tips, but good ones!


Panning – Motion 101 article on NationalGeographic.com is another gem as well as an excellent panning photograph to start the article off with!


If you have a Panning Photography Tutorial you think I should add to the list, just let me know!