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Northside Block Party


The Northside puts on an amazing block party for the community. With live music, amazing food, creative vendors bringing their home made creativeness to share. Lots of craft tables for the kids to stop at, and of course face paint.


The last time Kat had her face painted her eyes started to get red and water. Wasn’t sure if it was something in the paint that day or what, but we had to stop the face painting since it was obvious her body didn’t want it. They used a crayon type face paint last time, this time it was a paint they used.  She wanted to try it so she sat down closed her eyes and patiently sat there. In the end it was a perfect butterfly with no tears.

Brave little girl also climbed up in the dunk tank and got dunked!

Photographing the 4th of July

Photographing the 4th of July!

Batteries charged – check, tripod – check, SD card – check. I thought I had everything this year! The only thing I was missing was a cable release. Recently I purchased a new camera and I assumed my old cable release would work, but one should always check for themselves.  Right when the fireworks were about to start I realized it wasn’t going to work out.

To solve this problem I set the drive to 2 seconds to avoid the camera shack when I pushed the shutter.  The camera was set to manual, and really what’s an extra two seconds when taking long exposures anyway.  It worked out fine, didn’t even miss the cable release.

My favorite part of the night was watching my daughter, Kat. She took a picture of every single firework with her iPod. She was thrilled, she kept saying oh that was a great one, oh I got a good one there. Then she turns to me and says “mom I think you’re going to get one too, I believe in you!” Made my heart melt. Between the two of us I think we captured every firework that brightened the sky!


Foals – Portland Tour 2013

Foals – Portland Tour 2013

Foals know how to put a show on! One  week ago today my husband, Hank and I drove to Portland for 1 night for two reasons one to have dinner with some friends and two to see the Foals at the Crystal Ballroom. We did this same exact trip 2 years ago when Foals played Portland at the Wonder Ballroom.  We had such a great time the first time we decided to do it again.

130529Foals (2 of 8)

The drive is about 8 1/2 hours, but that was part of the fun. Once you have kids it’s not very often you get to go on a road trip with your husband. Stop when you want, music turned up loud, talking without being interrupted., it felt good. We pulled into Portland at 5, meet friends for dinner at 6 and then off to the show.

This show was different then the last one.  Hank was working on getting me a media pass before we left. It looked like we were in, but of course when we got to the front door they didn’t have us on the list.  So we went inside a little bummed I couldn’t use my camera, but still totally excited to be there. When we got inside Hank turned to me and said I have to try again.  After a little bit the opening band started to play when I felt a tap on my shoulder. It was Hank saying he got it!

130529Foals (4 of 8)

I can’t explain how amazing it was to be photographing front row to a band I totally dig. There was a space a couple feet from the band to the fans and that is where I got to stand with only two other photographers. When the the show started the lights were crazy I had such a hard time knowing how to set my camera. You can only photograph for three songs and it went by way to fast.

130529Foals (8 of 8)

It was such a  fun fun fun night… Thank-you Hank for a perfect night!

I added the rest of the pictures I took to the Flickr set Bands

Thanks for stopping to smile

Thanks for stopping the game so mom can take a picture!

Basketball, shorts and ice cream sandwiches, spring is here!


He has gotten so much older lately, come winter he will be 13. Yet the giggles still come as if he as 5… His heart is still young and hasn’t crossed the line that separates boy from teenager. A couple more practice shots on the boys and then we headed inside to see what types of ice cream we would find in the freezer… Love spring!

This picture was taken with my trusty Canon 50mm f/1.8 by far my favorite lens.



Spring is in the air


Spring fills the air as do the dandelions that fill everyone’s lawn. We went to the park in search of the perfect dandelion, for each one we made a wish a blew. A six year can look for the perfect dandelion all evening and make a million wishes and still not be tired as she pulls up her last one to make one final wish before we head home.

Ah such sweetness

Ah such sweetness!

Quite voice, only sees the cartoon, mom clicks way!


Today was an exciting day… After a year of anticipation for me, reading the stats, the reviews I bought the Canon Mark III…. In the living room I shook with excitement as I opened the box. First thoughts… beautiful, heavy, sturdy, durable, built to last, powerhouse, love.

Of course with my sweetness watching TV she was my test shot by the window…  So much to learn on this new camera yet still so familiar to my 60D, this is going to be a fun…

Creativity behind the streets

The warmth of the sun sparks creativity, energy life. Today the three of us went for a walk downtown. 1 sketch book, 1 pencil and camera in hand. My daughter Kat and I walk around taking pictures while my son stayed back and sketched. He was sketching the Wilma building in the background, which is the direction Kat and I had walked.  I turned from the bridge and could see him sketching away. A precious moment etched in my mind,sketching away doing what he loves to do.


Adventures started at ground level, voices echoing at the bottom floor of the parking garage. Kat comes running giggling and skipping all the way. No cars just us, until the sound of a skateboard could be heard finding it’s way to the ground floor and out the door.


A Day Downtown

Up until yesterday the weather felt more like fall than spring.  The chill in the air, the snow still falling, the wind giving me the feeling of fall. The need to pull the crock pot and curl up on the sofa with a blanket. But yesterday was different, yesterday the suns warms could be felt through the windows. On my walk to pick up Kat the air, the sun the warmth all felt like the start of summer days that soon will come.

I asked Kat if she wanted to go downtown an adventure for negative space, and of course she said yes! I am so lucky that she always wants to go on these little adventures with me.  We started out with hot chocolate and treats at the Liquid Planet.


After drinks we walked around going up alleys and around corners both of us pointing out what we thought would be a great picture. Then we walked by the parking garage and decided to go to the top level just to see what we could see. The ride up in the elevator was of course the highlight.  This changed the focus of our walk now we wanted to see where else we could ride an elevator.

I think the tallest building we have in Missoula is 7 stories so we went there and rode to the 6th floor since the 7th was restricted. Then across the street to the bank where we asked if we could ride their elevator to the 6th floor. We looked out the window and pointed to all the places we recognized below and then back down the elevator. We made it up four elevators before it was time to head home.


The snow has arrived!

The snow has arrived!

Sunday we went for a walk to enjoy the fresh snow. In the picture below my son Cade is coming around the corner with a snow ball in hand… By the time we left our fingers and toes were frozen and they both looked like snow owls all covered in white. They dove in the snow, rolled in the snow had snow ball fights and shook every tree to enjoy the snow falling in clumps on their heads! Beautiful day hearing the giggles of laughter through the trees.

The snow came on Friday night… There is something very exciting when you look outside and see that it snowed! Friday night we were playing board games with the kids when we noticed it had snowed. There were only a couple inches on the ground, but we quickly bundled up and ran outside in the dark. It was perfect packing snow, you couldn’t help but make a ball when you rolled it across the ground. Before long there were five families on our street all with their kids screaming in pure delight at the first real snow fall this year.

Of course the only way to top it off is to come inside and make Mexican hot chocolate with whip cream! A most delicious treat on a cold winter night!

Other Lives comes to Missoula


The band Other Lives is one of my favorite! If this is the first time you heard the name, take a moment to listen to them playing “For 12″ at the bottom of the post!

When I heard they were playing in Missoula I was so excited, when I heard they were playing at the Top Hat, a small local bar I was ecstatic. These guys play huge venues!

Here are a few pictures I took last night…



Take a look at how many instruments each band member plays….  Although this list doesn’t give them due credit cause there are way  more instruments on stage.

Band members are Jesse Tabish (vocals, piano, guitar and percussion), Jenny Hsu (cello and backing vocals), Jon Mooney (violin, horns, piano and percussion), Colby Owens (clarinet and percussion) and Josh Onstott (bass and percussion).

You do notice how many instruments he has on him… and he never missed a beat, nobody did! There was so much going on at once,  it was magically how it all blended to perfection.

This is one of my favorite songs on the album! Take a listen… You can purchase the CD Tamer Animals too!