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The magic of snowflakes!

I live in Montana where snow is part of winter. Yet every snowfall has a different feel to it. The evening started with me cooking dinner looking out the kitchen window. The sun had about an hour before it would set behind the mountain. Some clouds in the sky, but not many. The sun

Today was a gorgeous day with the sun peaking in out of of the clouds all day long. As I was cooking dinner I was watching the sun, thinking it had about an hour before it set behind the mountains. Wondering if I would have enough time to capture a few pictures after dinner. Maybe the kids would want to go with me somewhere so we could get a silhouette or something. But thoughts were quickly brought back to the task at hand.

After dinner a snow storm had blown in with huge, I mean huge snow flakes. Of course Kat jumped at the idea of a walk in the falling snow. So we bundled up and started walking. My thoughts were of background for this picture I was going to take. Two things I always read are “When you think you have the picture take a step forward. The other is pay attention to your background! We took some pictures against plain brown fences or chain link fences, tried to catch snow flakes on our tongues, but then we came across this garage, perfect! Background check, step in closer check! Now time to go home because our fingers are cold!


For this next picture I stepped further back because I wanted a bit of that red on the garage door to come through. Always fun to take moments when the weather turns just a bit and enjoy!


New Years Day

Both kids at the park today, running up the mountain of snow that his since turned to ice. Warm sun on our backs and frozen fingers in puddles of ice water. Then to the swings only to grab the cold bars. Mom cringes saying put gloves on, but nobody listens until the walk home when it’s time to admit your fingers are cold.

Cheers to the New Year!


The moon just as it comes over Mount Sentinel!

The moon just as it comes over Mount Sentinel!

Last night as I was driving I could see the moon was just about to come over the mountain. The light was just starting the touch the clouds around moon. I found a good spot to pull over and pulled out the tripod and set up the shot. I focused on the trees on the top of the mountain.

I haven’t taken a picture of the moon in awhile, and couldn’t quite remember how to do it on the spot. That moon moves extremely fast when you’re watching it so I just guessed. Of course after the moon was above the tree line I remembered you can’t shoot the moon at such a slow shutter speed because it’s moving too fast.

My settings for this was 25.0 sec at f/8.0 ISO 100 focal length 60mm. I knew it wasn’t going to e the shot I had envisioned when I pulled over, but I opened in Lightroom anyway. It wasn’t what I was expecting, but I liked it.


Thankful for these kiddos

Last night I sat down with the kids and took a video of them talking about what they want to be when they grow up, what is their favorite color. I have been meaning to do it for some time now, but it always gets put on hold. Last night we sat down and did it. It only took about 10 minutes (not sure why I couldn’t find the time) but glad we did it. I will save that for video for them, so they can watch it and when they’re older.

Before we did the video we were checking out Cade’s new iPod, he has been saving for awhile now and purchased the 5th generation iPod. He was pretty excited about it, so are we since he worked hard to earn the money.






Happy Halloween

Wishing everyone a Happy Halloween!!!

The night before Halloween we always carve our pumpkins. This year was no different, Kat was in the zone cleaning her pumpkin out. Dad was pulling out the power tools to achieve the look he was going for and Cade was thinking about what he wanted to draw.

He still hadn’t decided on what he wanted to be for Halloween when it came to him… he was going to be a wear his pumpkin as his costume (headless horseman style). So we cut the opening on the bottom big enough to fit his head .  The first time he tried to put it on I reached forward, I was worried it was going to get stuck on him. He was too as he pulled it off quickly and started laughing. By this time we were all laughing pretty hard. The hole was cut large enough and we figured out where his eyes needed to be. He didn’t want a opening for his nose or mouth, just the eyes so we were done. It was perfect!

He still can’t decide if he wants to go trick or treating or hand out candy at the door with his pumpkin head on.  He is in the tween right now… between young and growing up.




CanvasPop review – Love them!

I must say CanvasPop was great. I just purchased my first canvas print ~ Instead of seeing how I liked a small canvas I went big and bought a 48″ x 18″!

Process was easy…  I like their website, very easy to navigate and see exactly how much it would cost.  After I ordered it I received an email with a picture of what the canvas would look like. You could accept the print layout or write some notes about what you would like changed. I imagine this would be a good option if you had a panel canvas. You would be able to make sure your pictures lined up the way you wanted them to.

Once it shipped they sent me tracking so I could watch and wait until it arrived on our doorstep. It was packaged excellent! No complaints will use them again in the future!

10x20Downtown (1 of 1)

After I bought my canvas at Canvas Pop I received and email with a link inside –  The link stated “Refer your friends, and they’ll get $30 off their first purchase! For every friend that makes a purchase, we’ll send you a $50 gift voucher! Once you buy your first print you will receive the same deal. So if you use the link on this page you will get $30 off your first purchase offer valid until October 26th.

I highly recommend them. Thought the print quality was excellent and the turn around time not bad! In fact I just ordered another one this time it will be a 10×20 canvas print.

CanvasPop seems to always have a sale  going on so be sure to sign up for their newsletter. Actually you should sign up for everyone’s news letter MPix, Snapfish. They will email you coupons and let you know when sales are going on.

A Trip to Glacier National Park

A Trip to Glacier National Park

Sometimes you have to slow down… This last weekend my daughter Kat and I went to Glacier National Park with my mom. The three of us set out in the wee early hours of the morning and didn’t return home until it was dark. It was a fun day driving the going to the sun road, stopping at Logan Pass, Walking through the cedars and ending up on Lake McDonald. We took pictures of the majestic mountains down to the tiniest of mushrooms on our hands and knees. It was a perfect day!

We took so many pictures, but this was one of my favorites from the day. I am having a hard time deciding which one… What do you think color or not?



Morning walk starts the day off right!

School started last week, the days of relaxed mornings are gone and replaced with the sound of the alarm. An alarm that nobody wants to hear quite yet. It takes awhile to find the morning rhythm from last year, but we will. Cade is out the door by 7:30 in the morning. Kat and I have an some time after he leaves to leisurely get ready to walk to school by 8:15.

These walks I sure do enjoy, the sun is just coming over the mountain. The neighborhood is just waking up. We passed this beautiful sunflower this morning. The thoughts of sleepiness and not wanting to get up have since past and we’re ready to start the day…


The Fair comes to Missoula

The fair makes its way to Missoula… For the last few years the kids have been at their grandparents during fair week, but this year they were home. So of course the pleas of we need to go to the fair started early. We have had a break for two years so it’s definitely our turn.


This was a big year for me, it was  the first year our son Cade went with friends without us. He rode his bike there, meet up with friends and then made his way home. He ended up being there the same time I was there with Kat.  I was super excited to hear him yell my name across the fair grounds “Hi Mom”. I know the day will come when the teenager doesn’t want to say hi to his mom in front of his friends, but hopefully that day is far away or never arrives.

Kat and I were there with some friends, they have a girl Kat’s age so the two of them giggled and ran around while the mom’s followed. We purchased the all day ride pass so they could run in and out of the fun house as many times as they wanted which they wanted to do a lot so it was a good purchase!

Bass Creek Waterfalls

On Sunday we headed out for a day hike up Bass Creek. Our goal was to reach the top, but it just didn’t happen. By the time we got to the trail head we had exactly 1 1/2 hours to hike. So we started up the trail knowing that in 45 minutes where ever we were we would turn back. With lots of stops by the creek along the way and plenty of picture taken we didn’t quite make it to our final destination, but it was a great hike.


Next Sunday we said we would start the day a bit earlier to make sure we have time to make it to the top. I have been scouting out the area for cool waterfalls and lakes to photograph. I figure we can have some fun day hikes with the kids to the find perfect spot, and then I can head back by myself during the wee hours of early morning or late night to try and capture the shot.

This picture below has Cade sitting there well I tried to get a long exposure on the creek. Perhaps I was the reason we didn’t make it to the top…