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Featured Photo Wednesday – Cornishdjango Photography

Excellent job capturing such a unique angle, and the colors you captured are amazing ! I love it when a photographer goes back to a location to get the shot. We all must have a list of places we would like to return to and photograph again. Perhaps you didn’t have your camera with you or when you got home and looked at your image, you realized you wish your tried a different technique or something.

A couple of years ago I travelled to Lancaster for work and we stopped at Forton Services on the M6 motor way where I discovered this weird and wonderful structure. At the time I did not have my camera and didn’t capture it but earlier this year I travelled with my family to Scotland for a family holiday and made a point of stopping as we past the services again, this time having my camera I captured some images of which this is my favourite.
I shot with an Olympus Epl3 and a Sigma EX DN 19mm prime lens. The raw file was then edited in CaptureOne 6 and Perfect Effects4 to get the final effect.
As I recall exposure was 1/500 f8 ISO200.

There is a interesting history attached to this building but too much to write here so this is a web link to a site with some history about this amazing structure – http://fortonservices.webs.com/

Facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/CornishdjangoPhotography
Flickr page – http://www.flickr.com/photos/cornishdjangophotography/

Featured Photo Wednesday – Lee Cant

Patience…and you will be rewarded with a beautiful image!

Sometimes you can set up a shot and get it on the first try. But then there are them times when weather, life and everything else in between nudges us to keep trying. Sometimes you have to stay, go back to the same spot and be patient. Even after you think you have the shot you have to wait even longer to get back to your computer… In the end it’s worth every step taken to get there!

Thank-you for sharing your image with us Lee and reminding us not to give up.


“I have had quite a rough ride with employment over the last couple of years, going from no job to temporary employment contracts in areas I wasn’t particularly fond of (retail) with pushy managers and targets, targets, targets! So when I finally got a break I decided enough was enough, and I booked myself a little 2 nights away with my partner at a relatively local seaside location (about 2 hours drive from me) which some of you might know as Whitby!

The first day we arrived quite late having only finished work at 4pm on the Friday. We got there in good time and proceeded to grab something to eat (it had to be fish and chips at the seaside!)

We then hung around the dock as we had missed the golden hour due to how long it took to get there, and to finish our fish and chips. Feeling quite tired and lethargic I got the camera out and started to have a wonder round looking for shots and potential locations to shoot when we had better light.

The second day we headed out bright and early to have a good walk all round town, for the shops but also so I could do a bit of ‘shoot locating’

To my surprise the afternoon started to creep round quite quickly! So we headed up to the top of the 199 steps to try and get some good shots, but the light just wasn’t playing ball on our 2nd day. So we hung around till it went dusk and still had no luck! We were tempted a number of times to call it a day and go get something to eat and drink but I reluctantly stayed out in the hope it might improve (sometimes the light gets better just after sunset) but not on this occasion as clouds had crept in.

On the 3rd day after having no luck the previous two days, I set out with the mind set of “I need to get something before I go home!” I have to say, I don’t think I have walked so far, in such a short space of time in my life! – I must have been round Whitby 6 times in the space of the day!

This continued for quite a while until both mine and my partners stomachs told us off! So we made a last minute detour to get some food, yep you guess it, fish and chips! I ordered our meals in an instant and we eat them as quickly as we could, as to my horror I could see the amazing orange glow on the walls outside as the Sun was starting to go down! I quickly scooped up what was left of my meal, paid and ran for the Marina! I have to admit at first I was flailing like Homer Simpsons tongue, but after taking 20 seconds to stop, breath and stand there facing the Sun with its warm glow hitting my face and just take in the most amazing colours my eyes had seen in quite some time (I guess we forget to stop and admire the little things in life?) I grabbed my ND filter, the widest lens I had on me (Canon EFS 17-85mm IS) cracked the tripod out and started to shoot a number of images from left to right in different locations with the aim of getting silky water (due to a slow shutter speed) with the bright orange Sun in the top half of the frame. Of course I wouldn’t know if I managed to get the shot I wanted until it was too late and id traveled home to stitched the images together.

I’m really pleased with the outcome of the image, and I thoroughly enjoyed my time in Whitby despite running round like a deranged lost person most of the time, and you can’t really ask for more than that! :)”



Featured Photo Wednesday – Jacqui B Photography

I absolutely love this pictures and story! Taking photos at night can be so exciting and such a completely different scene than in the daylight hours. Everything is so different including how quiet everything is, life just slows down and with a slow shutter speed so do you…. You really think about your shot. Jacqui this is amazing composition, light, the clouds, perfect.  Thanks for sharing your image with us today!

Jacqui B Photography

My husband Steve and I were holidaying up at Port Douglas this year. We both share passion for night photography, as we believe it has an additional element of beauty and mystery. Taking photographs at twilight and night can lead you to a new thrill in photography. Often what you find in your image is not what you expected and the scene is completely new in anything but daylight illumination.
I took this photo was taken at Port Douglas Marina on a perfect October night. After spending time on our holiday seeing Crocodiles in the wild and being advised by many of the locals that the safest way to swim in tropical Queensland is in the hotel resorts pool I got a little nervous taking this photo.

It was actually quite dark looking out towards the water and our torch was going flat giving out only a faint amount of light. As I was taking the photo, I was sure I could hear a splash of a crocs tail. My husband assured me I was imagining it, so I stayed on and took the shot and I’m really glad I did.

I was using my Canon EOS 5D Mark III with my Canon EF 16-35mm f/2.8L II USM wide angle lens. I always keep my iso as low as possible to reduce noise; this photo was taken with an ISO of 200. My focal length was 16 mm, at f/2.8 and a 30 second exposure time mounted most importantly of course on a sturdy tripod. This gave me a postcard quality photograph.

I teach photography workshops in Melbourne, and the night classes are my favorite. After 3 hours our students are achieving photos that look perfect. We don’t give any lectures, but instead discuss while we walk and photograph. We discuss composition, light, technique and style, and how to be more creative without using their program mode. Our students feel so excited learning how to achieve a great photo at night.



Featured Photo Wednesday – Jo Zimny

I love a photo that comes from the simple idea of why not! Why not photograph Ironman on an Iron. Thinking outside the box is the creativity that pushes us. The more you think outside the box, the more ideas you will come up with. Thanks for sharing Jo, you made me smile today!

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I originally bought this tiny replica of Ironman because he was red (my favourite colour) and decided that I could use him for different photo shoots, which I have. Now the iron he’s riding on is my old one that I’ve had for a while it wasn’t heating up as well as it once did so figured it was time for a new one. I’ve since donated the iron (without ironman) to ARC a local charity that takes used appliances and clothing.

The idea for the photo just kind of came to me one day. I have recently learned to use some different processing programs and wanted to try something new. As you can see, I put fire coming out of the iron to give it the appearance of movement. I also put Ironman and the iron in the sky, which I thought was most appropriate. I thought of how some of the super heroes have flying machines but Ironman doesn’t have one. He does tend to be propelled by his rocket feet, but I wanted to add something more. This was my opportunity to create a special flying machine just for him and as you can see, I gave him an iron. Not as glamorous as some perhaps, but I thought “now what else would Ironman ride!”

My Flickr Photos can be viewed at: http://www.flickr.com/photos/joeyz51/

Featured Photo Wednesday – Stuart L Gordon Photography

Perfect capture! I love this story for two reasons one of course excellent advice when it comes to have patience even when the weather is bleak. Always choose to pick up that camera and head out the door. You never know what you will be rewarded with. But I also love that Stuart was able to get to his gear in time to capture the image. So next time you leave that important piece of equipment in the car, if you need it go get it…

Excellent composition! The light, the rainbow all touch down in the exact same spot!

If you have a photo you would like to have featured, please email me at submissionsatdigitalcamfandotcom . Every Wednesday I’ll spotlight a new photo. Don’t forget to include links to your photography site, Flickr, twitter you get the point, we want to be able to see your other work! For more detailed info on how to, check out the Featured Photo detail page!

Stuart Gordon

Title of the image is “Chasing Rainbows”

When I first stepped outside the cabin I was staying in that morning, the sky was dreary gray and it was drizzling. I questioned whether it might be wiser to go back to bed and catch up on my sleep. But I forced myself out into the wet, cold autumn air because I had been through mornings like this before and knew that you just never know what to expect from the weather. My intent was to find autumn foliage to photograph along the banks of Suttle Lake, Oregon. As I was looking for subject matter, the sun began to break through the cloud cover — the remains of an overnight rainstorm. The sunrise bathed the west and north bank of the lake with a beautiful warm golden light.

I already had my 16-35 mm lens on my camera and began to look for some foreground driftwood or other options for a wide-angle shot across the lake. I left my heavy camera bag on the ground and wandered along the lakefront with my camera on a tripod. I had gone about 75 yards when I noticed the rainbow forming in a graceful arch over the lake. I realized with a moan that my 16-35 mm lens wasn’t going to cut it. Not enough of an impact. I needed something with more reach, like my 24-105 mm, which was in my bag almost a football field away. I knew how quickly rainbows fade, so I tried to prepare myself for an emotional letdown by telling myself that I wouldn’t have the time to get my other lens before this beautiful scene evaporated, so why bother trying. Despite that bit of negativism, I bolted for my camera bag anyway.

I was careful to trot rather than run because the last time I ran full bore I pulled a hamstring playing soccer with my son. I grabbed my other lens and a polarizer filter and ran back to my camera and tripod all the while expecting the rainbow to disappear before my eyes. I was thrilled when I finished switching my lens and screwing on the polarizer to find that rather than having faded, the rainbow had gotten even more distinct. I turned the polarizer one way and the rainbow evaporated. I turned it the opposite way and the prismatic effect intensified, with the rainbow’s colors getting richer and darker. Perfect. I was able to fire off three shots before the rainbow lost its pop. Like I said at the start, you never know what to expect from the weather, so don’t scrap a photography outing just because things initially look bleak. Have some patience and you might just be rewarded with an awesome image.

Image at my Web Gallery:


Featured Photo Wednesday – Rob Dawkins

It’s good to have a few ideas when you go take pictures, but like Rob be ready to take it all in and be like water, changing your vision as you see fit. I love the fact that no matter how many photographers take a picture of a certain location, you can come in with your own artistic view and make it your own.

The choice of black and white is perfect, the contrast the lines, the way it leads your eye. I could spend all day taking pictures from different angles in that spot, beautiful location!

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Rob Dawkins

My girlfriend and I planned a trip to Seville in May so I did some research beforehand to have an idea of what I wanted to photograph. I saw this image of the underground baths at the Real Alcázar many times in my searches, but taken head on. When I actually got there the queue was larger than i anticipated so I decided to take a different view point. I think it was at this point I had a picture in my mind that it was going to be a black and white image because of the shadows and contrast created by the arches and alcoves.


Featured Photo Wednesday – Chris Sinclair

What we go through as photographers to get the shot is sometimes pretty amazing. Night shots are tricky to start with add a ship, a rough sea and it becomes even trickier, but Chris pulled it off. What a spectacular moment, and well worth the wait. Photographing the Aurora is on my list of things I would like to capture. Thanks for sharing Chris, I love it! Having the edge of the railing with a bit of lights adds to the picture, and the Aurora speaks for itself!

If you have a photo you would like to have featured, please email me at submissionsatdigitalcamfandotcom . Every Wednesday I’ll spotlight a new photo. Don’t forget to include links to your photography site, Flickr, twitter you get the point, we want to be able to see your other work! For more detailed info on how to, check out the Featured Photo detail page!

Chris Sinclair

I was working for 2 weeks deep in the Arctic Circle, 150 miles North of a Norwegian town called Hammerfest. I knew up here I would have a great chance of catching beautiful Aurora, and I was working Night Shift I was excited. Every night I had Spaceweatherlive.com up and running with updates, and there were solar storms nearly every night. However there were also snow storms with us every night, so we were clouded in, night after night, after night. As you can imagine, I was starting to get a bit disheartened.

I was due to get off for crew change on the Wednesday morning. Lo and behold I came on shift Tuesday night, and it was clear. Around 2300 I was out on the heli deck watching Aurora stream from all directions in the night sky. The sea was however still pretty rough, making for tricky night shooting. I had a shutter speed of 1 second, and as you can see I was lying on the heli deck with my 550D attached to a Gorillapod. For this shot I used ISO 6400, F3.5 and 1 Sec Exposure. This fan was a beautiful site creeping through the sky overhead. All in all it ended up well worth the wait, a site I will never forget.


Featured Photo Wednesday – Primemundo

Before you read the description below, what do you think this image is!

I love a picture that I have to think about, wonder what is it.  This image pulls me in as my eye follows the leading line. I came up with many different ideas of what I thought it could be. And to me each one of them is true, it’s what we the viewer takes from a picture.  The photographer creates this magical image and takes what they do from it, but the person viewing the image might have a completely different response. It’s like you hand over your image to someone and it somehow becomes their interpretation. Which sometimes might have nothing to do with what you as the photographer was attempting to capture, but that’s the beauty of it!

Thanks for sharing! I love the texture in this picture, I can almost reach out and touch it! Nicely done!


What I like about photography is how you can take mundane items like a pack of aborio rice, a light and a popcorn ceiling and make it an interesting image. I like the randomness of the shot. Taken right before I was going to make some risotto with my panasonic DMC-LX5.

Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/35674933@N03/8446750748/

Featured Photo Wednesday – Wayne Wong

Capturing lighting can be very exciting! Each lighting bolt is completely different as it lights up the sky! Wayne did an great job capturing this lighting at just the right moment. The moment the sky crackled across the entire night skyt! Nice Job!

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Wayne Wong

The Sony W-7 was a great little camera, used AA batteries, and had enough manual controls to make things happen if you know what to do…

It had a manual setting for infinity, which keeps the focusing mechanism from hunting and speeds the response time.  The really amazing part is that I had to factor in the 2 sec delay from the time I pressed the shutter to the time of the shutter opening. That means you have to shoot, hoping that a lightning bolt will occur just as you shutter opens!

That is amazing because it shows I responded to God telling me to shoot…I did not wait to figure it out.  I had done everything to get ready, but when it came to getting the capture, it was all about faith and obedience… I had no idea what was coming;  the sky was perfectly normal.  I just pressed the shutter release.  As soon as the shutter opened, the sky exploded!  The results speak eloquently…the shot of a lifetime!

It was a powerful, yet humbling experience.  If it had not been for my family’s insistence calling me to the window, I would have missed it entirely.  At first it was our two daughters and two sons who called for me; then my wife even asked me to come….

I only went to my daughter’s room overlooking the back yard to please them, and I really didn’t expect much, as the lightning storms in the past were really boring.  That changed after my shot.  In the years since 2005, I have noticed the lightning to be highly dramatic and window-rattling.  I can’t help but conclude my shot has made a big difference in the local atmospherics.

I didn’t even use my Nikon Coolpix 5000, which captured great wide angles, with its 19 mm equivalent lens attachment, and produced raw files.  It was kind of slow, so perhaps I would have missed the shot.   In any case, it wasn’t about me, it was about God, the I AM that I AM, who was sending the message to the nations that He is everything that He says He was, is, and is to come!  What a great thing for my whole family to participate in…calling me to the task at hand and enabling me to make the shot.

It was only after I looked at the image that I remembered what God had told me 40 years before…I would have missed it, but my whole family spoke into me, and I could not resist their call…so I am totally cognizant that without my family, this shot would not have happened…God is faithful and I am thankful beyond words to be there on cue when the time came for the shot to be captured!   Little did I realize that one year later, I would retire and begin my photographic ministry afresh, starting over in the back yard, listening for Abba Father’s voice for daily conversations, fellowship, and revelation.  He then told me that He sent me images to capture, just like a father throws a baseball to his son, hoping he will catch it and throw it back!


Featured Photo Wednesday – Marie Gupta

Another reason why we should always carry our camera. Great job Marie, capturing a moment.  I would never have guessed you were stopped in traffic as you took this picture! One of the reasons I love featured photo/story, it gives one a sense of a what is going on outside the frame, not just what we see within the picture.

Great choice editing in black and white, thanks for sharing!

If you have a photo you would like to have featured, please email me at submissionsatdigitalcamfandotcom . Every Wednesday I’ll spotlight a new photo. Don’t forget to include links to your photography site, Flickr, twitter you get the point, we want to be able to see your other work! For more detailed info on how to, check out the Featured Photo detail page!


This was clicked by me on my way to work. Saw a group of men working on the road side doing up the road. Oblivious to the rush hour traffic and the heat these men calmly went about doing their job. It was a treat to see the coordination between them.

This picture was clicked by Cannon D60 with a 50 mm lense