AboutMeWelcome to DigitalCamFan!

Yes, that is me… Head buried in the instruction manual while my husband took some pictures  in 2009. The year I purchased my first Canon Rebel XSi! I still remember the moment the package came in the mail I was so excited to just hold it. I was just as excited when I purchased my first Canon 60D in 2011!

I have always loved photography! The Canon XSi was my first Digital SLR camera and I was thrilled. I have to thank my mother-in-law for the moment I decided to purchase my Canon. while at a park one day I took a few pictures with her Canon Rebel XT and fell in love! This is one of the pictures I took that day! My daughter reaching out to take her grandpa’s hand, melts my heart! The picture had depth to it that none of my others had not to mention the shutter speed there was no delay when I pushed the shutter.

Three months later I bought my first DSLR and  started  DigitalCamFan so I could research, talk about and follow my passion. Hopefully finding a deal or two for me and you along the way. I will be posting reviews on different brands and models.  As I learn tips and tricks along the way I will post my personal experiences so we can learn together how to be become an amazing photographer. In 2011 my best friend and I, in a push to keep moving forward started “Learn by Doing Photography” a weekly assignment! Join in the fun you can post your assignments on DigitalCamFan Learn by Doing or on DigitalCamFan on FaceBook

Please feel free to add your thoughts about a particular experience you might have had with your camera. I am friendly mom from Montana who loves to talk about life, kids and of course photography! I have been married since 95 to an amazing man, I am the proud mom of two kiddos Cade and Kat! Thanks for stopping by!

Take care,