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Learn by Doing Photography – Slow Shutter Speed

Learn by Doing Photography – Practice your photography skills with weekly photography assignments. I will post a new assignment every Friday, you can post your pictures at the bottom of this post or on the DigitalCamFan Facebook. If you have any questions please refer to the guidelines, if you have no questions jump right in any time!

Learn by Doing Photography #32 – Slow Shutter Speed

Every year the fair comes to town! Some folks like to go to the fair and some stay clear of the fair when it comes to town. As a photographer it’s a gold mine of lights on the last day. A perfect place to practice using a slow shutter speed. If you go on the last night they’re in town, on a Sunday night you will avoid any crazy crowds. I went just as the sun was setting and walked around with my tripod in hand. It was a quiet peaceful night, by the end certain rides were starting to tear down. By morning those trucks will be packed on on their way to a new town, but for tonight the lights are yours so enjoy them, slow down and experiment.

If the fair isn’t coming to town soon, all you need are lights. Look for roads with traffic as the sun is setting or pull out some flashlights. Either way try using a slow shutter speed and see what happens!

The photo below I zoomed in out just a bit – my settings were F/14 @ 25.0 seconds and I was using the 24-105mm Canon at 24 mm


The photo below my settings were f/13 at 6.0 sec still using the 24-105mm Canon at 24mm. This was obviously taken at night, but I wonder how different the shot would have been if I listened to the advice in the video tutorial and went at dusk…

Amy Donovan Photography
A quick video with some good tips:

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