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Learn by Doing Photography – High Key Photography

Learn by Doing Photography – Practice your photography skills with weekly photography assignments. I will post a new assignment every Friday, you can post your pictures at the bottom of this post or on the DigitalCamFan Facebook. If you have any questions please refer to the guidelines, if you have no questions jump right in any time!

Learn by Doing Photography Assignment #25 High Key Photography

High key and low key photography? High Key usually has little tonal contrast, not many shadows. Words to describe high key photography would be dreamy, bright, white. Low Key is the opposite with deep shadow, lots of contrast, words to describe  a low key image would be moody, dramatic. The best way to see the difference is Google the term High  Key Photography – Images and Low Key Photography – Images and just look at them images.

It also helps to pay attention to your histogram when shooting.  This is a picture of the histogram from my image below, notice how the histogram is all the way to the right.



I found two really great articles talking about High and Low Key images. Cambridge in Colour has a great article that goes into great detail about tones and contrast which is excellent! Talks about the histogram which is always interesting.

The other one I came across was Photography.tutsplus.com Rob Taylor  wrote an excellent tutorial called “High Key? Low Key? And introduction to Lighting and Ratios.

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