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Featured Photo Wednesday – Thousand windows and one light

I don’t know about you, but I would love to walk through Barcelona to photograph the medieval quarters. So many hidden spots waiting to be photographed. You could spend days there finding hidden gems just waiting to be photographed. When I see a picture like this from the past, I love to hear the sounds. I either listen to the quietness of today, when nobody is on the street. Or the sounds that would have been there back in the day.

Beautiful choice to go black and white, it definitely adds a impressive feel to the photograph, thank-you for submitting!


Title: Thousand windows and one light
Where: Carrer Pietat (Pietat Street), Barcelona (Spain), 2008

When I go for a walk to take photos I like to wander through the ancient part of Barcelona, the medieval quarter. The cathedral, the rests of the roman and medieval walls, “small palaces” and old churches are located in narrow and dark streets. It is one of the most tourist areas in the city, but it still hides some incredible surprises.

Behind the cathedral, you can find the corner that appears in the photo. A peculiar place full of different and beautiful windows that usually are closed. However, in that occasion, light was switched on inside the building. I didn’t think twice and I took the photo with my analogical Pentax MZ-50. I didn’t know when this rare circumstance might recur again and I decided to take the opportunity.

Once I had the digital version of the photo, I realized that colour was not the best option for this picture: the stone of ancient buildings became more realistic and impressive in black and white, but I wanted to keep that special moment. At that time I didn’t know too much about Photoshop, but I managed to obtain the final result: thousand windows and one light.

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