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Learn by Doing Photography – Photographing Birds

Learn by Doing Photography – Practice your photography skills with weekly photography assignments. I will post a new assignment every Friday, you can post your pictures at the bottom of this post or on the DigitalCamFan Facebook. If you have any questions please refer to the guidelines, if you have no questions jump right in any time!

Learn by Doing Photography Assignment #13 Photographing Birds

We have the most amazing crab apple tree in the front yard. Every spring it has the most beautiful pink blossoms. Usually there is only day it reaches perfection in all its amazingness. Then either the rain comes or the wind, some years we never achieve that perfect day where every ounce of the tree has a flower open.

This tree is also life to so many animals in the neighborhood – from the deer, to squirrels to every type of bird. We sit and watch from the living room window as all the different birds come to eat. Kathryn and I are working on a poster right now, taking a picture of every bird we see. When done we will put it all together with a few facts about each bird.  I did the same with my son when he was about her age, great way to learn about the different birds that live in our neighborhood.




I thought this was a good video, not necessarily about technique as much as set up. Which can be just as important when shooting in your own backyard.

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