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Learn By Doing Photography

Learn by Doing Photography – Adding/Finding Textures for your Images

Learn by Doing Photography – Practice your photography skills with weekly photography assignments. I will post a new assignment every Friday, you can post your pictures at the bottom of this post or on the DigitalCamFan Facebook. If you have any questions please refer to the guidelines, if you have no questions jump right in any time!

Learn by Doing Photography Assignment #12 Adding/Finding Textures to your Images

This is my first time adding a texture to the background of an image. Makes me want to take pictures of rust, paint and anything else that has a cool texture feel to it and save it for when I might be in need of a background texture. It was easier than I thought it would be.

Below are the two images I used to create the one above.  I followed the tutorial below… this is step by step how I did it.

1. Edited rock photo in Lightroom
2. exported the rock photo to photoshop
3. Duplicate layer
4. Changing layer blending mode from normal to screen
5. transform rotate image 180*
6. Flatten Image
7. Open image of Flower in Photoshop Add the layer I just created on the layer above the flower
8. Blending mode on flower Multiply
9. Edited in black and white and adjusted contrast and curves
10. Be sure to check out the tutorial below, I skipped a few steps when I did mine. He was very detailed on not only how to edit the picture, but how to take the picture!

The picture below is how my rocks looked once I edited the image in Lightroom –


This is a great tutorial to get you started on adding textures to your background: Not only will it teach you how to take the photograph, but also how to edit the photo in Photoshop!

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