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Featured Photo Wednesday – Matthew Nuttall

At first glance you might think this is one solo tree in the middle of the field, but really there are multiple trees in a circle. It’s beautiful, what a great find and great choice keeping it simple and going black and white.

I like this photo, it pulls me in. I wish I could walk up and touch those trees, see how big the circle actually is. Is there grass in the middle or is it all roots? Nicely done! Excellent story to go with it, with great advice! It’s time to jump off the sofa and head for an adventure…


When You Find Inspiration…Grab It With Both Hands

I had taken the opportunity to go for a short drive into the Yorkshire Dales, but as usual, the weather had taken a turn for the worse, and the rain had continued to keep falling. Not put off, I still took a leisurely drive through the back roads towards Malham, enjoying the fact that there were no other drivers mad enough to be out on the roads.

After a while, I decided to turn round and head home, not having come close to taking the camera out of the bag. When suddenly, I came across a layby with a view across fields towards a small copse of trees. I am not sure exactly what caught my attention, maybe it was the slight incline up towards the trees, or the gentle curve of the tree tops, whatever it was, something stopped me.

It was still raining at this point, but I could see potential and there were the occasional break in the clouds, so I decided to wait.

It was worth the wait. A small window of opportunity presented itself so I grabbed it with both hands and captured the image I had seen in my head.

So my advice to you is get out, explore. No matter whatever the weather, you just never know when you might find inspiration. One thing is for sure, it’s not going to tap you on the shoulder, sitting on the sofa.

Matthew Nuttall

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