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Learn by Doing Photography – Negative Space

Learn by Doing Photography – Practice your photography skills with weekly photography assignments. I will post a new assignment every Friday, you can post your pictures at the bottom of this post or on the DigitalCamFan Facebook. If you have any questions please refer to the guidelines, if you have no questions jump right in any time!

Learn by Doing Photography Assignment #10 Negative Space

We spend quite a bit of time finding our subject, but what about the space around the main subject? The space around your subject is just as important as your subject. You can shot a portrait of someone where they fill the frame or switch to a wide angle and show the space around them.

So this week’s challenge is to incorporate negative space into your image. Don’t just look at your subject look around your subject…


Episode 117 :: Simplification and Negative Space
Don’t just watch this one, watch them all! I actually have all the Podcasts on my phone. They’re very inspiring and full of excellent tips on The Art of Photography!

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