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The magic of snowflakes!

I live in Montana where snow is part of winter. Yet every snowfall has a different feel to it. The evening started with me cooking dinner looking out the kitchen window. The sun had about an hour before it would set behind the mountain. Some clouds in the sky, but not many. The sun

Today was a gorgeous day with the sun peaking in out of of the clouds all day long. As I was cooking dinner I was watching the sun, thinking it had about an hour before it set behind the mountains. Wondering if I would have enough time to capture a few pictures after dinner. Maybe the kids would want to go with me somewhere so we could get a silhouette or something. But thoughts were quickly brought back to the task at hand.

After dinner a snow storm had blown in with huge, I mean huge snow flakes. Of course Kat jumped at the idea of a walk in the falling snow. So we bundled up and started walking. My thoughts were of background for this picture I was going to take. Two things I always read are “When you think you have the picture take a step forward. The other is pay attention to your background! We took some pictures against plain brown fences or chain link fences, tried to catch snow flakes on our tongues, but then we came across this garage, perfect! Background check, step in closer check! Now time to go home because our fingers are cold!


For this next picture I stepped further back because I wanted a bit of that red on the garage door to come through. Always fun to take moments when the weather turns just a bit and enjoy!


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