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Featured Photo Wednesday – Ginparis

That would have been so exciting to come home and find that old hand written book from 1798! What an amazing place to take photographs, opportunity around every corner.

Beautiful composition and lighting, especially knowing where this photograph was taken. I would have thought it was in a controlled lighting environment, not at the fair! Great job!


Twice a year, I go to the Antiques and Ham Fair in Chatou, France. I usually go with a photographer friend and we aren’t there to buy. We’re there for the photos and to watch people.

For this photo, my friend and I were examining an old weathered leather pouch with the word “Telegraphes” tooled into the leather. The pouch made for a great photo (www.flickr.com/photos/ginparis/6987530093/) and we were thrilled that the vendor was friendly enough to let us handle the merchandise and take photos. We inquired about the price and tinkered with buying it at a mere 50€. Then, we opened the pouch and inside there was a hand lettered book from 1798! It appeared to be a book of recipes and I took the photo you see here. We asked the vendor if the book came with the leather pouch and she scurried over to us to get the book. She said she had no idea it was in the pouch! What a find that would have been to have bought the pouch and later discovered that lovely old book nestled inside.

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