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Featured Photo Wednesday – Pulkit Malhotra

Beautiful story, it brings so much depth to this image. We’ve all had those moments where you find yourself admiring the scene around you. You set the camera done just long enough to take it all in, then you do your best to capture what you see. Whether it’s sunlight through the branches or snow lightly falling we try to capture what we see and share the moment. Thank you Pulkit for sharing with us today. Beautiful image I think you did a great job capturing the moment!


I went to visit my sister in NY during Thanksgiving last November. I was really keen on exploring the city on my own so I woke early morning took the next subway and started wandering in Brooklyn City when I came across Green Road Cemetery. I came to know that It was a popular tourist attraction in the 1850s and was the place most famous New Yorkers who died during the second half of the nineteenth century were buried. It is still an operating cemetery with approximately 600,000 graves spread out over 478 acres. The rolling hills and dales, several ponds and an on-site chapel just adds to the amazing experience to wander off in this majestic place.

While taking several pictures of the cemetery I came across a few graves surrounding a lake. It was amusing since you don’t see that ever since it only happens only in real world where people buy houses with lake view or ocean view but I guess you would like to have it even after you have been buried. So I started walking around the lake and I saw the most beautiful tree I had ever seen in my life. I just stopped for few minutes with my eyes wide open looking at this beautiful tree and sun rays falling over it. I spent most of my time admiring the view and I tried my best to capture this tree in my camera so I can later share it with my friends and family.

I spent about two hours here and it will be one of most memorable places to visit. I never expected a cemetery to be so beautiful with such amazing architecture. If I would die rich I would really like to be buried at green road cemetery.

Flickr Account: https://www.flickr.com/photos/pulkitmalhotra/

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