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Featured Photo Wednesday – Lee Cant

Patience…and you will be rewarded with a beautiful image!

Sometimes you can set up a shot and get it on the first try. But then there are them times when weather, life and everything else in between nudges us to keep trying. Sometimes you have to stay, go back to the same spot and be patient. Even after you think you have the shot you have to wait even longer to get back to your computer… In the end it’s worth every step taken to get there!

Thank-you for sharing your image with us Lee and reminding us not to give up.


“I have had quite a rough ride with employment over the last couple of years, going from no job to temporary employment contracts in areas I wasn’t particularly fond of (retail) with pushy managers and targets, targets, targets! So when I finally got a break I decided enough was enough, and I booked myself a little 2 nights away with my partner at a relatively local seaside location (about 2 hours drive from me) which some of you might know as Whitby!

The first day we arrived quite late having only finished work at 4pm on the Friday. We got there in good time and proceeded to grab something to eat (it had to be fish and chips at the seaside!)

We then hung around the dock as we had missed the golden hour due to how long it took to get there, and to finish our fish and chips. Feeling quite tired and lethargic I got the camera out and started to have a wonder round looking for shots and potential locations to shoot when we had better light.

The second day we headed out bright and early to have a good walk all round town, for the shops but also so I could do a bit of ‘shoot locating’

To my surprise the afternoon started to creep round quite quickly! So we headed up to the top of the 199 steps to try and get some good shots, but the light just wasn’t playing ball on our 2nd day. So we hung around till it went dusk and still had no luck! We were tempted a number of times to call it a day and go get something to eat and drink but I reluctantly stayed out in the hope it might improve (sometimes the light gets better just after sunset) but not on this occasion as clouds had crept in.

On the 3rd day after having no luck the previous two days, I set out with the mind set of “I need to get something before I go home!” I have to say, I don’t think I have walked so far, in such a short space of time in my life! – I must have been round Whitby 6 times in the space of the day!

This continued for quite a while until both mine and my partners stomachs told us off! So we made a last minute detour to get some food, yep you guess it, fish and chips! I ordered our meals in an instant and we eat them as quickly as we could, as to my horror I could see the amazing orange glow on the walls outside as the Sun was starting to go down! I quickly scooped up what was left of my meal, paid and ran for the Marina! I have to admit at first I was flailing like Homer Simpsons tongue, but after taking 20 seconds to stop, breath and stand there facing the Sun with its warm glow hitting my face and just take in the most amazing colours my eyes had seen in quite some time (I guess we forget to stop and admire the little things in life?) I grabbed my ND filter, the widest lens I had on me (Canon EFS 17-85mm IS) cracked the tripod out and started to shoot a number of images from left to right in different locations with the aim of getting silky water (due to a slow shutter speed) with the bright orange Sun in the top half of the frame. Of course I wouldn’t know if I managed to get the shot I wanted until it was too late and id traveled home to stitched the images together.

I’m really pleased with the outcome of the image, and I thoroughly enjoyed my time in Whitby despite running round like a deranged lost person most of the time, and you can’t really ask for more than that! :)”



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