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Year End Review – Learn by Doing Photography

Year End Review…

Phew…. we did it 52 weeks of challenges. There is always something to learn, always something to improve upon. That is why I am going to do it again next year! I want to continue to grow as a photographer and learn new creative ways of approaching my photography.

I love Lightroom! I don’t know how I would function without it now. Which kinda scares me, it’s become such a part of my work flow. At first I wasn’t too sure about the catalog aspect of it, but really that is the best part. The way it organizes your pictures, how easy it is to view them later in the grid.

It made it easy to find this weeks challenge:

Learn by Doing Photography #52 – Year end Review
Pick three of your favorite pictures from the year! The pictures I picked are all for  personal reasons…. What a beautiful year it was!

This is a picture of my daughter. When we  walked by this beautiful window I knew we had to stay for awhile.  We we’re just running errands that day, but I was glad I had my camera with me. We took pictures in the chair, by the elevator, her jumping up trying to touch the highest button. She has so much energy as she moves  the lobby, so carefree, so full of life that I love so much. Out of them all this was my favorite, when she looked out the window.


Lewis and Clark Caverns are amazing! A 2 hour tour to the bottom of a mountain where you get to experience what it means to have zero light. They turn off the the lights for a few minutes so you can see and feel what it means to have no light. The four of us went on a week long trip to through Montana to Yellowstone National Park. It is the second time I have been in these caves and the first time for our kids. Taking pictures was a bit tricky. I opened wide set it to the highest ISO and went for it. It was exciting to be able to capture a picture in such an environment with no flash inside a mountain!

This is one of my favorites, but again an emotional choice.  Dad fishing with Kat and our son Cade fishing down river. We only brought two fishing poles today so we had to share. It takes patience to fish, and both our kids are extremely patient when it comes to fishing. Usually they’re full of non-stop energy, but when it comes to moments like this they slow down and enjoy the moment. Waiting patiently feeling and watching for a bit.


Thank you for spending time with me this year as we learn how to use our camera. Next year will be full of more photography adventures…


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