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Featured Photo Wednesday – Jacqui B Photography

I absolutely love this pictures and story! Taking photos at night can be so exciting and such a completely different scene than in the daylight hours. Everything is so different including how quiet everything is, life just slows down and with a slow shutter speed so do you…. You really think about your shot. Jacqui this is amazing composition, light, the clouds, perfect.  Thanks for sharing your image with us today!

Jacqui B Photography

My husband Steve and I were holidaying up at Port Douglas this year. We both share passion for night photography, as we believe it has an additional element of beauty and mystery. Taking photographs at twilight and night can lead you to a new thrill in photography. Often what you find in your image is not what you expected and the scene is completely new in anything but daylight illumination.
I took this photo was taken at Port Douglas Marina on a perfect October night. After spending time on our holiday seeing Crocodiles in the wild and being advised by many of the locals that the safest way to swim in tropical Queensland is in the hotel resorts pool I got a little nervous taking this photo.

It was actually quite dark looking out towards the water and our torch was going flat giving out only a faint amount of light. As I was taking the photo, I was sure I could hear a splash of a crocs tail. My husband assured me I was imagining it, so I stayed on and took the shot and I’m really glad I did.

I was using my Canon EOS 5D Mark III with my Canon EF 16-35mm f/2.8L II USM wide angle lens. I always keep my iso as low as possible to reduce noise; this photo was taken with an ISO of 200. My focal length was 16 mm, at f/2.8 and a 30 second exposure time mounted most importantly of course on a sturdy tripod. This gave me a postcard quality photograph.

I teach photography workshops in Melbourne, and the night classes are my favorite. After 3 hours our students are achieving photos that look perfect. We don’t give any lectures, but instead discuss while we walk and photograph. We discuss composition, light, technique and style, and how to be more creative without using their program mode. Our students feel so excited learning how to achieve a great photo at night.



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