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Photography 101 - Tips and Editing Techniques

Tips on Photographing Water Drops!

This week on Learn by Doing Photography we’re working on capturing water drops! I came across some tutorials I wanted to share with you. I found them helpful and I hope you will too!

This first one – Storbist – Learn how to Light! Is an excellent site! I have visited this site many times in an attempt to learn how to use my flash. This article is photographing water drops using one speedlight. Great tips!


This next post is from Digital Camera World – Giving us 5 ideas with a very simple set-up to get you started. There are some good ideas in this post, if you don’t have a flash you could always put just a light behind the frosted glass. There is always a way…

Water Droplet Ideas

And this last one is a video tutorial, because sometimes it’s easier to watch how to do something then read about it. He has a pretty great set-up, but I think if you could be creative if you didn’t have that particular lens or a flash. It’s all about experimenting and trying new things!

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