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Featured Photo Wednesday – Chris Sinclair

What we go through as photographers to get the shot is sometimes pretty amazing. Night shots are tricky to start with add a ship, a rough sea and it becomes even trickier, but Chris pulled it off. What a spectacular moment, and well worth the wait. Photographing the Aurora is on my list of things I would like to capture. Thanks for sharing Chris, I love it! Having the edge of the railing with a bit of lights adds to the picture, and the Aurora speaks for itself!

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Chris Sinclair

I was working for 2 weeks deep in the Arctic Circle, 150 miles North of a Norwegian town called Hammerfest. I knew up here I would have a great chance of catching beautiful Aurora, and I was working Night Shift I was excited. Every night I had Spaceweatherlive.com up and running with updates, and there were solar storms nearly every night. However there were also snow storms with us every night, so we were clouded in, night after night, after night. As you can imagine, I was starting to get a bit disheartened.

I was due to get off for crew change on the Wednesday morning. Lo and behold I came on shift Tuesday night, and it was clear. Around 2300 I was out on the heli deck watching Aurora stream from all directions in the night sky. The sea was however still pretty rough, making for tricky night shooting. I had a shutter speed of 1 second, and as you can see I was lying on the heli deck with my 550D attached to a Gorillapod. For this shot I used ISO 6400, F3.5 and 1 Sec Exposure. This fan was a beautiful site creeping through the sky overhead. All in all it ended up well worth the wait, a site I will never forget.


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