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Featured Photo Wednesday – Primemundo

Before you read the description below, what do you think this image is!

I love a picture that I have to think about, wonder what is it.  This image pulls me in as my eye follows the leading line. I came up with many different ideas of what I thought it could be. And to me each one of them is true, it’s what we the viewer takes from a picture.  The photographer creates this magical image and takes what they do from it, but the person viewing the image might have a completely different response. It’s like you hand over your image to someone and it somehow becomes their interpretation. Which sometimes might have nothing to do with what you as the photographer was attempting to capture, but that’s the beauty of it!

Thanks for sharing! I love the texture in this picture, I can almost reach out and touch it! Nicely done!


What I like about photography is how you can take mundane items like a pack of aborio rice, a light and a popcorn ceiling and make it an interesting image. I like the randomness of the shot. Taken right before I was going to make some risotto with my panasonic DMC-LX5.

Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/35674933@N03/8446750748/

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