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Featured Photo Wednesday – Wayne Wong

Capturing lighting can be very exciting! Each lighting bolt is completely different as it lights up the sky! Wayne did an great job capturing this lighting at just the right moment. The moment the sky crackled across the entire night skyt! Nice Job!

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Wayne Wong

The Sony W-7 was a great little camera, used AA batteries, and had enough manual controls to make things happen if you know what to do…

It had a manual setting for infinity, which keeps the focusing mechanism from hunting and speeds the response time.  The really amazing part is that I had to factor in the 2 sec delay from the time I pressed the shutter to the time of the shutter opening. That means you have to shoot, hoping that a lightning bolt will occur just as you shutter opens!

That is amazing because it shows I responded to God telling me to shoot…I did not wait to figure it out.  I had done everything to get ready, but when it came to getting the capture, it was all about faith and obedience… I had no idea what was coming;  the sky was perfectly normal.  I just pressed the shutter release.  As soon as the shutter opened, the sky exploded!  The results speak eloquently…the shot of a lifetime!

It was a powerful, yet humbling experience.  If it had not been for my family’s insistence calling me to the window, I would have missed it entirely.  At first it was our two daughters and two sons who called for me; then my wife even asked me to come….

I only went to my daughter’s room overlooking the back yard to please them, and I really didn’t expect much, as the lightning storms in the past were really boring.  That changed after my shot.  In the years since 2005, I have noticed the lightning to be highly dramatic and window-rattling.  I can’t help but conclude my shot has made a big difference in the local atmospherics.

I didn’t even use my Nikon Coolpix 5000, which captured great wide angles, with its 19 mm equivalent lens attachment, and produced raw files.  It was kind of slow, so perhaps I would have missed the shot.   In any case, it wasn’t about me, it was about God, the I AM that I AM, who was sending the message to the nations that He is everything that He says He was, is, and is to come!  What a great thing for my whole family to participate in…calling me to the task at hand and enabling me to make the shot.

It was only after I looked at the image that I remembered what God had told me 40 years before…I would have missed it, but my whole family spoke into me, and I could not resist their call…so I am totally cognizant that without my family, this shot would not have happened…God is faithful and I am thankful beyond words to be there on cue when the time came for the shot to be captured!   Little did I realize that one year later, I would retire and begin my photographic ministry afresh, starting over in the back yard, listening for Abba Father’s voice for daily conversations, fellowship, and revelation.  He then told me that He sent me images to capture, just like a father throws a baseball to his son, hoping he will catch it and throw it back!


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One Response to “Featured Photo Wednesday – Wayne Wong”

  1. Just to clarify, this shot was the culmination of a 40 year promise…I was on a Boy Scout campout in 1965 when God told me that He would send me the shot of a lifetime, and to listen for His voice to fire immediately orI would miss it.

    Also there is a gallery that fully explains the story at


    Posted by Wayne D. Wong | November 15, 2013, 1:03 pm

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