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Happy Halloween

Wishing everyone a Happy Halloween!!!

The night before Halloween we always carve our pumpkins. This year was no different, Kat was in the zone cleaning her pumpkin out. Dad was pulling out the power tools to achieve the look he was going for and Cade was thinking about what he wanted to draw.

He still hadn’t decided on what he wanted to be for Halloween when it came to him… he was going to be a wear his pumpkin as his costume (headless horseman style). So we cut the opening on the bottom big enough to fit his head .  The first time he tried to put it on I reached forward, I was worried it was going to get stuck on him. He was too as he pulled it off quickly and started laughing. By this time we were all laughing pretty hard. The hole was cut large enough and we figured out where his eyes needed to be. He didn’t want a opening for his nose or mouth, just the eyes so we were done. It was perfect!

He still can’t decide if he wants to go trick or treating or hand out candy at the door with his pumpkin head on.  He is in the tween right now… between young and growing up.




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