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Featured Photo Wednesday – Ludovica M. B.

What a magical morning! Next time you’re all snug in bed, and don’t want to get up because it’s too cold or you’re too tired. Don’t think just get up, what you experience once you leave and pick up that camera will mean far more in the years to come than if you got 10 more minutes of sleep! What an amazing capture, so delicate and peaceful, beautiful! Thanks for sharing!


This is a picture I took on a snowy day. Snow is not so common where I live, so on those cold days there had been some problems, so schools remained closed.
I woke up very early in the morning, that day, because I didn’t want to miss the sunrise: I just wanted to take some pictures of the snowy woods at dawn. Actually, I also wanted to try out my new macro lense.

When I was walking through the woods, I suddenly stopped, because something had catched my eye.
I saw that the branches of the trees all around me had something like ‘glass pendants’ hanged on them.
The pink and smooth light of the dawn highlighted their shapes perfectly.

All that silence and that beautiful vision made me feel as comfortable as I had never felt before. It was amazing, like being in some kind of heaven on Earth.
I admired all this for several minutes. Then, when the sun was about to rise, I took this picture, and when I look at it, I always remind of those moments.


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