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Featured Photo Wednesday – Richard Lewis

I love the dedication… This story tells you how to become a great photographer! You go back, you do it again until you know you got the shot! Rich, your dedication paid off! This photo is amazing! The black and white is a great choice, the composition, the clouds over head all come together to create a magical image!

Thank-you for sharing with us, reminding us when you find a place you like and – go back!

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Richard Lewis

I came across this area whilst out with the family and was struck by its beauty, at that time I didn’t own a camera and enjoyed it for what it was and without wanting to record it. Several years later I tried to find the area again, became lost and went home; following some research on the internet I discovered the name of the place and found it with ease, the rain at the time was coming down horizontally however so I didn’t get out of the car. The seed was planted for the image I wanted and three more trips resulted in failure due to weather conditions, to much fog, wrong wind direction and being in the Brecon Beacons National Park lots of rain.

During a small photo series of Welsh water (waterfalls and rivers in the Brecon Beacons), I was feeling confident, research showed the weather to be as I wanted and an early start found me shortly after sun rise with the camera on the tripod and looking at not much really, mist had developed and the wind as promised had not arrived.

I figured I had about three quarters of an hour before the sun became a problem at which point the wind started. The clouds were moving towards me and the mist was fast disappearing. A quick check of the composition and the filter went on. It’s a great feeling knowing you have a shot in the bag when you take it, it’s so much better when you have been trying to get it for a number of years.

I mainly shoot in black and white these days as I find colour can be a distraction and I think this image in monochrome works pretty well.
iso 100


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