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Featured Photo Wednesday – REVPHOTO

Thanks for your story Matt, we have all been in that same hunched over position taking pictures of something so small you won’t know if it’s sharp until you get home and look on the computer. Thank goodness for digital especially when shooting fast moving subjects! Such beautiful colors with a great bokeh and a tack sharp subject, nice job!

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I consider this one of my better photographs, and I’m pretty satisfied with it, but maybe not for the usual reasons. Whatever level of technical accomplishment it displays is fairly accidental, my own role in that accomplishment fairly small. And these, I think, are facts worth recalling whenever the role of alchemy in photography is in question. Technique is great, control, necessary, but ultimately the quality of a photo with any degree of candidness is to some extent down to forces outside the control of the photographer.

All that to say, I took this shot walking to the corner store, without any particular plan, a camera slung over my shoulder just in case. Walking along the sidewalk, looking down I saw some bees swarming around a flowering plant, and stopped to grab a snap. One photo turned into several as I struggled to focus, hunched down on one knee. People swerved around me, walking by. A feeling of frustration grew.

Several more clicks and that was enough – I’d had it. Without a clear sense of whether I’d got a decent shot I continued on my way. Only later, scrolling through the series of imperfect images, did I see something special, something close to what I wanted.

And this possibility, this luxurious image volume, is one of the great bedrock strengths of digital – the freedom to snap, and snap some more. To keep what’s good, and valuable, and discard the rest.


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