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Featured Photo Wednesday – Caity Bird Photography

The moment the door opens they’re leaping through the air as if in a race to get outside… How can you not smile when you look at this picture! It’s an amazing photograph. Of course the composition is perfect, but also the personality of Luke and Buddy shine through this photograph. Dogs bring so much into our lives, you can see why in these two faces. Always a smile, always ready to leap into life and play!


These are two dogs that I used to dog sit for on a regular basis. Meet Luke and Buddy. Every time I would open the door to let them both out, Luke would jump over Buddy. I barely had the chance to even open the door before Luke was jumping over Buddy. Going outside was one of the most exciting things ever to these two dogs. One day I decided to set up my tripod and capture this moment. I gave my husband the OK and then he opened the door. I captured this moment. Buddy has since passed away from old age and Luke has moved away. I hear he is still pretty bouncy though.

Here is the image on flickr: www.flickr.com/photos/blueroan2000/3390641419

And for sale on getty here: http://www.gettyimages.com/Search/Search.aspx?assettype=image&family=creative&artist=Caity+Bird

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