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Featured Photo Wednesday – Reetom Hazarika

The colors are magical in this photograph, they just jump right out at you! With such a unique perspective up high above the water, the sun just setting. Perfection! The story that follows is a good reminder when you’re driving towards your destination and the storm clouds are forming, don’t turn back just yet. One never knows what will happen once you arrive… Thank-you Reetom for sharing your photograph and story! What a perfect moment to share with your family.

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This was probably one of my most memorable visit to the Great McWay Falls, Big Sur. There is more than one reason to it but above all, it was a fun filled family trip along CA1 South. I had been to the McWay Falls many times and every time I was welcomed with a surprise. It was either a beautiful sunset or an overcast sky. This time, I kind of had an idea about these beautiful flowers at McWay falls but wasn’t very sure if they will be in full bloom when I am there. But was it a chance worth taking? Driving 4 hrs all the way to Big Sur? I did promise my family a magnificent view of the falls, something they have never seen before. My wife Olympiya had been telling me for last 2 years that she wants to visit the waterfall, but some reason I always ended up going alone. And that’s because of all the 50 other things that I have to do on the way.

So finally, I crossed my fingers and turned on the ignition and headed to Big Sur with my wife and my in-laws. The moment I hit CA1 my worst nightmare came true, cloudy, an overcast sky and the Sun, nowhere to be seen. At this point, I did feel it was a wrong decision to go to Big Sur and at least I should have checked the weather. With no other backup plan and since we already drove 2hrs, we decided to keep moving to our destination. The fog kept moving in and out of the CA 1 and we kept rolling and finally we decided to take a break at the beautiful café at Big Sur, Café Kevah. We had coffee and snacks, clicked some nice family photos and back on the raod to McWay Falls. After another 20mns of drive, we finally reached the parking lot and there it was, the McWay Falls at its best. I couldn’t wait a minute in the car, just jumped out of it, picked up my camera gear and hit the trail. After a few minutes of walking, we were there and there it was. The beauty and the glory could hardly be defined in words and no picture could do any justice to the view, though I tried my best. The rays from the setting sun hit the face of the waterfall directly and lit it up in orange and gold. The turquoise water and those strands of flowers with the beautiful sunset swept us off our feet. I smiled to it and realized I just lived through the promise I had made to my wife.

Flickr Stream: http://www.flickr.com/photos/66422453@N04/
Website: www.35mmNegative.com

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