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Featured Photo Wednesday – Pekka Nikrus

This is such an inspirational story… To look inward and see who we are, to see what we can see, to take that and create magic exactly the way we see it. So take a moment to think internally who are you, what do you bring to photography that no one else can, we are each special in our own way… be you…

I couldn’t stop when I looked at this weeks featured photo, I had to keep going and look at the entire set. Incredibly amazing photographs! Thank you for sharing with us Pekka!

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Pekka Nikrus

I got my glasses when I was about ten. From there it took over thirty years before I was hit by the thought of thinking about my myopia as something else than a limitation. One evening, as I was out walking with my Nikon D300, it suddenly hit me. What good could there be in being nearsighted? I looked around me over my glasses and concentrated in what I really saw. I saw colors. I saw lights. I saw an abstract environment as if I was totally engulfed by bokeh. And I loved it! Suddenly I realized that I can see, without the help of my camera, what would look good as a blurry image.

Exploring this new understanding of my vision disorder lead to a whole lot of experimenting. One project, which I call Nearsightseeing, started out as documentation of places in my hometown as I’d experience them without my glasses. I shot multiple exposures in twilight to catch a rich tapestry of blurry tones and light bubbles including both a bit of natural light and urban artificial lighting. Lazy as I am, I usually don’t carry a tripod with me so I take full use of the vibration reduction on my lens, which also compensated for my shaking, when I shot photos in the cold of darkening winter evenings.

This particular image from January 2010 is one of my favorites because I find it to be a very beautiful rendition of a district in Helsinki which, viewed with good eyes or through glasses, can at times feel quite gloomy.

I post a lot of images to my Flickr account, but also collect some bit pieces to a Behance portfolio and my photoblog. Also I have a Facebook page to which I collect most of my visual web presence.

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