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Featured Photo Wednesday – Debbie Casalegno

This week is a very special Featured Photographer… it’s my mom.

You can’t imagine how excited I was when I opened my email to see the photo submission was from my mom! My love for photography comes from her, she loves to photograph as I do. You will never find her without her camera. When driving she will pull over to wait for the Osprey to come land or patiently wait for a doe to look up at her. Her patience paid off, she waited for the perfect moment and captured this amazing doe in the field.  What a beautiful shot… One would never know there was a baby fawn hidden beneath that tall wheat. Nicely done!

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Today I was driving down Lower Valley Road just out of Kalispell, Montana. I had a little extra time and happened to look out the window into a wheat field. I saw the shoulders and long regal neck of a whitetail doe. She waited long enough for me to grab my camera case and pull out my camera and focus on her.(quite a patient deer)

I took this picture with my Kodak Z5010 on a setting for action so movement won’t get blurred. I took the picture then I just sat and watched her. (no traffic) As I started to drive away she turned away from me and started to run and bounce away. As I pulled the car up a bit to watch her run down that tractor rut I noticed that she had a baby fawn in front of her.

The wheat was so high you would not have been able to see it unless you were looking straight down the tractor rut.The fawn was not as patient as her mom so I only have the mom.

Debbie Casalegno

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  1. Beautiful my friend!

    Posted by Shirley Marfia | September 19, 2013, 5:53 pm

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