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Featured Photo Wednesday – Southern Maryland Photography

This is why we always carry our camera! When a sunset like this happens you only have a few minutes to compose and take your picture before the rays disappear or the clouds block your view. Beautifully composed, and the colors are beautiful! Thanks for sharing Guy!

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Southern Maryland Photography

As a photographer living in Southern Maryland I have many favorite places to shoot.  One of those places is Solomons Island, Maryland.  Solomons Island is small town along the lower Patuxent River that is known for boats, crabs, oysters, maritime heritage and beautiful sunsets.  I have spent a lot of time in Solomons on the beach, walking the boardwalk and shooting photos.  This particular evening I had a few photos to deliver to a client in Solomons I had taken abroad a Chesapeake Bay workboat the Roughwater.  As I left my house a few minutes from Solomons Island I noticed a sky filled with amazing clouds.  I decided I needed to grab my camera bag just in case there was a good opportunity – I’m glad I did.

I made my delivery at the waterman’s dock a little before sunset.  While I was talking to the crew of the Roughwater I noticed the sky really becoming interesting.  So I left the dock and drove to the nearby boardwalk where I grabbed my camera and began shooting the amazing sky.  The rays of light and the color were really amazing that night.  The Thomas Johnson bridge in the background has been a favorite target of mine for many years and this night was a fantastic subject.

This shot has become a fan favorite and has been one of my most popular photographs on Facebook and Flickr.  I hope you enjoy viewing it. Guy

Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/cooperslife/8650990323/

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