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Featured Photo Wednesday – Fabio Catapane

Wow! Talk about standing on top of the world! I can only imagine what if felt like as this scene developed. Breathtaking… The composition is perfect, the touch of blue in the sky – love it!

You couldn’t find a better first quote to begin this story “A good photograph is knowing where to stand”! Thank you for sharing this amazing photograph Fabio! Always expect the unexpected…

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“A good photograph is knowing where to stand” Ansel Adams said. This is a dogma I tried (and keep trying) to follow every time I feel the need to go out with my camera to take some landscapes. At the same time know the place where you’re going is a little challenge, even if you’re not new to that area. In fact “knowing a place” isn’t only a geographic notion, but an ensemble of different disciplines as meteorology, astronomical geography, botany and so on.

Thanks to the web nowadays we have everything we need with a mouse click, but most of the time it isn’t enough yet due to a lot of different factors, so the first step to do is to explore. Sometimes this phase could result a little bit frustrating, but sometimes offers us incredible and unexpected scenery. This is the case of this shot, taken during the recon of Campo Imperatore, a natural reserve in middle of Italy.

I was wandering around the reserve, looking for some good composition to exploit during the sunset when my eyes was caught by the fast growing clouds around the Gran Sasso mount. Even if the light condition wasn’t the one I was looking for, the weather was almost perfect for a good pic.

I was working with an ultrawide lens (with the target to obtain an image that would gives the idea of the great space of the reserve) so I’ve changed the lens to a mid-zoom one that could gives me the opportunity to isolate the main subject (the mount) taking advantage of the clouds help.

So, moral of the story: when exploring a site always keep your eyes open; despite of your initial ideas you can always find some great, unexpected, scenery to photograph. Of course is fundamental to carry with you all your lenses: it’s an hard work, but it could reveal a priceless one!

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