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The Fair comes to Missoula

The fair makes its way to Missoula… For the last few years the kids have been at their grandparents during fair week, but this year they were home. So of course the pleas of we need to go to the fair started early. We have had a break for two years so it’s definitely our turn.


This was a big year for me, it was  the first year our son Cade went with friends without us. He rode his bike there, meet up with friends and then made his way home. He ended up being there the same time I was there with Kat.  I was super excited to hear him yell my name across the fair grounds “Hi Mom”. I know the day will come when the teenager doesn’t want to say hi to his mom in front of his friends, but hopefully that day is far away or never arrives.

Kat and I were there with some friends, they have a girl Kat’s age so the two of them giggled and ran around while the mom’s followed. We purchased the all day ride pass so they could run in and out of the fun house as many times as they wanted which they wanted to do a lot so it was a good purchase!

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