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Featured Photo Wednesday – John Trent

Talk about everything coming together for this amazing shot! The curious sheep except for one, the row of trees fading away into fog. Yet if you read John’s story that was not the intent of his original vision. Sometimes when we have a plan we have to be like water and flow into a new vision on the spot. I don’t know what the other photograph would have looked like had the weather been a bit different or the sheep not there, but this one is perfect in every way! Thanks for sharing John!

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On this particular foggy day I had intended to photograph trees in the mist, it tuned out the location I had chosen now had a herd of sheep in the field. Initially these sheep showed a curious interest in me and my camera mounted on a tripod, gathering around me and staring at the camera as if posing, the beeps coming from the cameras timer were enough to hold their attention long enough to get some interesting images. The surrounding mist created an eerie atmosphere and a sense of seclusion. My equipment included a modest Kodak Z885 capable of bracketing exposures as I had intended to blend 3 shots and produce some HDR images, however during processing it was clear to me that these images required a more subtle approach with the even lighting and the fog obscuring any distracting background black and white was the way to go. So with a single exposure I was getting fantastic tonal range and a very pleasing end result.


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