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Featured Photo Wednesday – Lidie Berendsen

The colors are amazing in this picture… They complement each other, the clouds the light, love it! To be able to see the sunset / sunrise out your window every night would be truly amazing. Most people can go their whole life and only see a handful of amazing sunsets. Thank you Lidie for sharing this beautiful sunset!

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Lidie Berendsen

My name is Lidie and I’m a 41 year old housewife and mother of a beautiful 8 year old girl.
I’m so lucky that I live in the nord of Italy at Caselle Torinese near the big city Turin.
We have here almost every night the most credible sunsets. In the wintertime also the sunrises are amazing.
This means that every night I’m watching out and wait what for surprise the sun will bring me this night. The direction is every time the same but the sky is never the same. Every night it has it own colors and this is what I like so much about these beautiful sunsets.

I hope you will like my picture.
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