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Photography 101 - Tips and Editing Techniques

Tips on using Color in your Photography

Understanding Colors in Photography

This is a pretty great tutorial on using color in your photography by DigitalCameraWorld, but it goes the distance and also talks about 1)Using opposite colors on the color wheel 2)Allow for a dominant color and 3)Composing photos boldly


How to Get great colors has some amazing tips… This quote got me, tells me that as a photographer needs to be patient. When looking for color Ken Rockwell says “The peak color, which are the shots I show, only exists for 60 seconds at most, if it happens at all, any given day.”

This site always has good tips, and great articles that are full of great photography tips!


There is a great set of pictures on this next article by Shutter Mike,  talks about color vs. light. He took a picture of lemons on a yellow plate under Tungsten light and one in mid-afternoon light, what a difference. So it doesn’t just matter what color you see it’s also what the camera can see.


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