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Bass Creek Waterfalls

On Sunday we headed out for a day hike up Bass Creek. Our goal was to reach the top, but it just didn’t happen. By the time we got to the trail head we had exactly 1 1/2 hours to hike. So we started up the trail knowing that in 45 minutes where ever we were we would turn back. With lots of stops by the creek along the way and plenty of picture taken we didn’t quite make it to our final destination, but it was a great hike.


Next Sunday we said we would start the day a bit earlier to make sure we have time to make it to the top. I have been scouting out the area for cool waterfalls and lakes to photograph. I figure we can have some fun day hikes with the kids to the find perfect spot, and then I can head back by myself during the wee hours of early morning or late night to try and capture the shot.

This picture below has Cade sitting there well I tried to get a long exposure on the creek. Perhaps I was the reason we didn’t make it to the top…



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