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Photographing the 4th of July

Photographing the 4th of July!

Batteries charged – check, tripod – check, SD card – check. I thought I had everything this year! The only thing I was missing was a cable release. Recently I purchased a new camera and I assumed my old cable release would work, but one should always check for themselves.  Right when the fireworks were about to start I realized it wasn’t going to work out.

To solve this problem I set the drive to 2 seconds to avoid the camera shack when I pushed the shutter.  The camera was set to manual, and really what’s an extra two seconds when taking long exposures anyway.  It worked out fine, didn’t even miss the cable release.

My favorite part of the night was watching my daughter, Kat. She took a picture of every single firework with her iPod. She was thrilled, she kept saying oh that was a great one, oh I got a good one there. Then she turns to me and says “mom I think you’re going to get one too, I believe in you!” Made my heart melt. Between the two of us I think we captured every firework that brightened the sky!


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