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Photography 101 - Tips and Editing Techniques

Photography 101 – How to Photograph Trees

How to Photograph Trees

I find trees extremely challenging to photograph, but take some time and try photographing them. Once you start learning how and what to look for you will forever being looking for that perfect tree to capture or forest to capture. You will be watching where the sun is in relation to the trees, on a foggy morning you might think about returning to a place where a lone tree sits in the distance. You eyes will always be searching for that interesting tree that just needs to be photographed!

The best tip I read about was keep moving around, keep trying different angles until you get have that ahh moment!

If  you have a site you would like me to add that offers a great tutorial, please let me know!

Tips on how to photograph trees:

Digital Photography Secrets has some excellent all around tips. Se sure to check out their tips on Photographing Trees and Forests!


You can always count on PhotoPlus for some good photography tips! I like how easy to read this tutorial is, just a quick glance and you’re ready to head out and photograph that lone tree!


Picture Correct has some good tips as well on photographing trees. But I do like the last line that says “Turn off your computer, get outside, and take some pictures.” That might be the best piece of advice today!


If you have a site you have a tutorial you would like to share with us, let me know. I would love to add it to the list!

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