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Featured Photo Wednesday – Mark Brazendale

This image is so powerful and beautiful! I love how the darker tones of the steps have such a subtle transition to the lighter steps as they fade away, but you’re brought back by the person coming down the steps. As your eye comes back into the picture you really discover the beautiful details within those steps!

You’re picture is amazing and your story inspiring! The line “The image turns the mundane into the beautiful”, is perfect.  Taking something in life that most wouldn’t even look down to notice as they run to there destination at the top of the stairs. The beauty is all around us, we just need to slow down to see it. Thank-you for slowing down so we could see.

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Photography to me is about capturing an image that would not be able to be seen with the immediacy of the human eye, an image that isolates the subject and goes beyond the boundary of what one may see when casually looking around.

Whilst black and white is used, perhaps too often to make an image ‘arty’, it can in the right context instantly remove the distraction of colour and because we don’t see in black and white it can be a very effective medium to focus your attention on form, shape and contrast in a scene.

In the photo entitled ‘Steps’, taken in 2011 at the steps to the Louvre in Paris, the shape and contrast of the steps and the left to right diagonal made a striking ‘structural’ image but when given some context, in this case a human element the image becomes a lot stronger.

The day was fairly overcast and the light uninspiring and instead of aiming my camera at the more beautiful Louvre buildings behind it the rather more mundane steps caught my interest. The white and black stone created some strong lines and using my Sony Nex 3 I held the camera at waist level and lined up the stairs to create a diagonal of contrasting black and white. The resulting image nicely captured the two tone pattern of the steps but on its own was lacking. I knew that having a person in the scene would enliven the image but I still wanted to create a graphic look rather than simply a portrait. So as someone walked down the steps, their legs appeared in the frame and I snapped away. This image being my favourite after some minor cropping. The legs add context to the scene without being a dominant feature. The image turns the mundane into the beautiful and that in the opinion of this photographer is where real beauty can lie.

Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/brazo76/

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