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Featured Photo Wednesday – Apionid

How can you not smile when you see this picture? I love this picture and I love the idea behind the 365 day challenge.  I think this story is extremely inspiring and most of us I think can relate to it.  We tend to think or at least I do, where am I going to take the next picture  instead of where am I right now.

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Maybe it’s not the best photo ever taken, but it represents a shift in my personal photographic philosophy. In my younger years, I suffered huge pangs of envy when viewing fantastic images from faraway places. I wanted to emulate National Geographic, believing that having something exotic in front of me was necessary for wonderful photographs. My camera would be pulled out from under the bed when we went travelling, and put back there when we got home. Now, older and greyer, with a fair amount of foreign travel under my belt, it was disappointing to find I had a stack of very mediocre pictures to show for it and my photography was stuck in a rut, competent but unexciting.

It was then that it dawned on me. Really good pictures rarely happened by accident. When travelling, I rarely had the luxury of time. There were the demands and desires of companions to think of and often a timetable I couldn’t control. All my photos were snaps taken in passing, usually in the wrong light, or in a hurry, or from a less than optimal viewpoint – and it shows.

So, in order to help me break this pernicious pattern, I have started paying far more attention to my home patch. If I spot a decent photo opportunity, I can come back at the perfect time to make the most of it. I can take 2 hours over one picture if I want, or get out at dawn, or midnight, without a bored, tutting partner in tow.

Even more rashly, I’ve started a 365 day challenge concentrating on my cat, which I’ve made public in order to goad me on. He’s old, not particularly beautiful and doesn’t do much. It’s going to be a challenge coming up with something new every day, but it’s made me look with a new eye.

And this particular picture? Well, Boris does this almost every night and we’ve often laughed about him “playing the piano”. But it’s taken me 17 years to get around to taking a photo of it. Furthermore, I know I will view it with far more affection in 20 years time than any photo I snapped of the pyramids, or the Colosseum.

I’m sure most people aren’t going to find Boris the Cat as fascinating as I do, but if you are interested to see how I progress, my 365 photostream can be found here:


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