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Foals – Portland Tour 2013

Foals – Portland Tour 2013

Foals know how to put a show on! One  week ago today my husband, Hank and I drove to Portland for 1 night for two reasons one to have dinner with some friends and two to see the Foals at the Crystal Ballroom. We did this same exact trip 2 years ago when Foals played Portland at the Wonder Ballroom.  We had such a great time the first time we decided to do it again.

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The drive is about 8 1/2 hours, but that was part of the fun. Once you have kids it’s not very often you get to go on a road trip with your husband. Stop when you want, music turned up loud, talking without being interrupted., it felt good. We pulled into Portland at 5, meet friends for dinner at 6 and then off to the show.

This show was different then the last one.  Hank was working on getting me a media pass before we left. It looked like we were in, but of course when we got to the front door they didn’t have us on the list.  So we went inside a little bummed I couldn’t use my camera, but still totally excited to be there. When we got inside Hank turned to me and said I have to try again.  After a little bit the opening band started to play when I felt a tap on my shoulder. It was Hank saying he got it!

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I can’t explain how amazing it was to be photographing front row to a band I totally dig. There was a space a couple feet from the band to the fans and that is where I got to stand with only two other photographers. When the the show started the lights were crazy I had such a hard time knowing how to set my camera. You can only photograph for three songs and it went by way to fast.

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It was such a  fun fun fun night… Thank-you Hank for a perfect night!

I added the rest of the pictures I took to the Flickr set Bands

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