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Featured Photo Wednesday – Alaine Pabayos

I love dedication, the fact that Alaine went back out to get the shot. Got up early just to see the sun at that perfect moment. That is pure love of photography right there, love it! If you have ever tried to capture the sun you know it moves fast. You only have a small window to capture it, and Alaine did an amazing job capturing the sun. A second more it would be above the bridge to soon it would only be half visible! Great job Alaine!

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I have read somewhere that motivation is a result of an act that you do, where because the result is very satisfactory, gives you more enthusiasm to do more.

I had mentioned quite a lot of motivation from my attempts to improve my photography this year. And a couple of weeks ago, I have tried the most impossible attempt ever.

It was not an easy attempt as I am not a morning person. The first attempt, I was 30mins late, thus the sun was already up high when I reached my destination. As always during my photo adventures, I would meet a lot of old people, with old cameras, and I happen to again have a conversation with one of them. I was told that February is one of the rarest month to catch the sun right in the middle of the bridge. I was curious, and was motivated by this rarity. So again, I attempted the following day.

Once a year, it is said that the ball of the sun will be exactly in the middle of Yokohama Bay Bridge in certain months. One of those months is February. I was a little bit late so the sun is almost rising already.

My rarest attempt to catch the sunset. This is one heck of a motivation. Close but not close enough. I was still late, I was told. But heck, plus points for me for being an early owl.


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