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Featured Photo Wednesday – Liam Taylor

Dedication… That is what it takes to become a great photographer and Liam has that quality! Sometimes we take a picture and wish it would have been better. Did you go back? Did you try a different time of day to get the shot? Liam did, and it paid off! Beautiful picture at the perfect time of day, I love the added mama swan taking her little ones home for the night!

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This picture means a lot to me as the location is just up the road from my home.

Any photographer worth there salt knows how important the correct light is in an image, with this image everything came together. I had revisited time and time again but mother nature just didn’t want to play ball! Then one evening I had checked the tide times, they were going to work out great with the sunset. It was a calm evening too, not to many children around, so no swimming yay!

I set up with the three boats on the left, the clouds looked awesome so I was set. Then from round the corner came a mother swan with her signets, she came over to check me out and then turned and serenely swam away with her little ones. That feeling of elation when you manage to capture ” that picture”. Landscape photography is a real passion for me and its a real delight when it all comes together!

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